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April 17, 2009

Jewelry crushes come into my life every so often. My most recent bout was with glamazon goddess, Charlize Theron. From the first row at fashion week to her high falutin’ party wear, the woman rocked my jewelry world every time she stepped out for a while there. But my heart has been missing something now that she isn’t making the rounds much these days.

Enter: Drew Barrymore.

Jewelry crushes are fickle, folks, let’s face it.

I don’t know what that Grey Gardens shoot did to the woman, but she appeared every bit the refreshed focused fashion maven on everything from morning talk shows to red carpet round ups. The hair, the make-up, the dresses – it’s all working for her right now. And she’s sporting some fantastic jewelry looks every step of the way.

So I just wrote about Drew’s Grey Gardens premiere ensemble in New York. Not a lot of jewelry here, but you don’t need it when you’ve got hundreds of Swarovski crystals intricately sewed onto your couture Alberta Ferretti gown. AND you have a bejeweled clutch and a little diamond hair clip with a net.

You have net? You go with ‘less is more’ in the jewelry department.

Then I spotted pictures of the star at the taping of David Letterman. Again. Stunning. On any other person this black Giambattista Valli ensemble might have been too much. But on Drew? Perfection. And the gold flower earrings are the right amount of sparkle for the occasion.

Cardinal jewelry crush rule number one: Know when to tone it down and know when to bring it.

Will you take a look at the Los Angeles Grey Gardens premiere pics? Wow. Talk about statement jewelry. Some of you might query – Does she really need the huge jade earrings, the grapefruit sized turquoise cuff and its orange-sized ring sister with an Abdrew GN dress that already has a bejeweled neckline?

I say ‘yes’, jewelry hounds. It isn’t diamond overload – it’s turquoise. It’s trendy, it’s fun, it’s LA, it’s fantastic.

And the bed head hair is totally working for me.

Ok. Big. Deep. Breath.

I’m not sure what I’ll do now that the PR push for Grey Gardens is winding down, but I do know that I’ll keep my jewelry crush to one hair shy of stalker proportions. Not to worry, Drew. Just don’t be a drop out like Theron, and we’re cool.

Are you guys with me on this? Or do I need an intervention?

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