Angelina Jolie’s Stud Earrings: Boring or Blingtastic?

When Angelina Jolie wore those stunning emerald earrings to the Oscars in 2009, I forgave every boring, black, Elvira-esque red carpet snorefest she made me endure from my glamorous spot on the sartorial sofa.

But the emerald glow has faded and, well, I just can’t take it anymore.

If A-listers like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston are going to “black pants suit” and “gold hoop” their way through their red carpet careers, I thought at least Angelina – that Brad Pitt-stealing, action-adventure-starring, minx of a movie star – would bring us the lower-jaw-drop moments we so desperately crave.

Here she is in Los Angeles earlier this month for the Salt premiere. Black dress, diamond studs. Wake me when it’s over.

Paris this week: Different dress shade, same diamond drudgery.

And in Berlin she didn’t even bother!

Maybe she’s making a statement that the woman who has everything shouldn’t bask in the glory of a diamond tiara every time she makes a public appearance. But I’d settle for a chandelier earring from time to time – maybe a cuff?

Is anyone else as bored as I am? Or do I need to spend time worrying about more important matters. Like the Vogue September issue?

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  1. Expertise Janet

    I could write a thesis on your fascinating post, but I’ll try to be brief instead: why, oh why, would celebrities who obviously work very hard to remain in the public eye try to pretend that they are “unglamorous”? Yes, part of certain celebrity’s appeal is the “every girl” (she wears jeans, just like me!), but I also think Brooke Astor was on to something when she said “my public wants me to dress like royalty when I appear at charity functions, etc” (paraphrase). Skinny, tattoo-encrusted Angelina is almost lying to her public when she affects an un-adorned look, even if her calculations are working for her manager — but Jewelry Insider is too smart, a gal has to wonder what is up???

  2. Joseph

    Yup the emerald earrings rock, but diamond studs are classic & you can’t damn her for that. We can agree that the black studs are a yawn.

    @ Expertise Janet, Given the current economic strife the ‘stars’ are trying not to look too ostentatious so as not to offend the downtrodden masses.

  3. Jewelry Insider

    Agree, Joseph. Diamond studs are classic – just like a good little black dress. But I never see her wear anything else these days. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious – (although I agree with Janet that celebs wearing aspirational jewelry isn’t a sin in any economy) just mix it up, sister! The emerald earrings are the perfect example. Just the right mix of statement and style. This jewelry hound just wants more from the woman who has access to any piece of jewelry on the planet. I can’t help myself. 🙂

  4. Expertise Janet

    Good point, Joseph — I think it’s noble to “play it down” while so many “regular” people are out of work, BUT the celebrities who regularly appear on covers of magazines are the ones who have agreed to be Fantasy Characters for those of us in sweatpants, thus the Fantasy movies that thrived during the first depression and the Fantasy movies that thrive during this depression (SATC, Eat Pray Love Shop, etc). None of us truly believe that Angelina can’t at least borrow something from Cartier, so why the pretense at being “normal” and jewel-less?

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