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May 8, 2009

Expert advice on animal jewelry, the perfect motif
gift for a pet lover or an accessory for anyone looking to create a fanciful fashion effect.

PandaAnimal jewelry in the form of rings, neckwear, earrings and bracelets is a very popular item these days. Many animal lovers choose to have their favorite animal on
display as part of their fashion accessories.

The appeal of whimsical animal charms can be traced back to Neolithic Man.
Egyptians, collected potent animal charms, especially cat motifs, to protect them in the afterlife. During the Renaissance and Reformation the wealthy classes collected and wore animal charms as adornments. Turn-of-the-century French Art Nouveau reflected this style and applied it to jewelry designs
featuring fantasy animals. By the 20th century most young girls’ first piece of
jewelry was a charm bracelet.

Animal jewelry is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for a
certain type of animal. Many styles of animal jewelry are available – popular
patterns include the butterfly, cat, dog, dolphin, whale, horse, panda and …
the list goes on. Also, for the dreamers among us, a host of mythological beasts
like unicorns, dragons and centaurs as well as an array of gothic monsters and
other mystical creatures have been cleverly incorporated into designs for pins,
brooches, pendants, rings and earrings. Animal jewelry is a fun and unique way
of expressing ones love of animals and animal jewelry of any species is the
perfect gift for an animal lover.

What’s your whimsy? Butterflies are free spirits and dragonflies are magical.
Or don’t just choose one – select several for whatever your mood may be!

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