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September 3, 2009

Vintage Bracelet Jewelry

Jewelry.Com Is Your Source For Vintage Bracelet Information. The Vintage Bracelet Looks Inspiring Us To Reflect Upon The Past Are Definitely Where It’s At Today!

Vintage Bracelet“Everything old is new again” may be an overused lyric in the world of fashion, but vintage jewelry inspires us to look to our past for the classic chic of bygone eras. Dressing up the wrists with elegant antique bracelets always adds that air of timeless panache. With many of today’s current crop of designers using every alternative metal and “cutting-edge” design to create their designer bracelets, standing out by looking back to traditional, vintage bracelets will show you to be a retro classic. Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and the uber-popular Art Deco periods produced vintage jewelry pieces that have retained an enduring appeal. Vintage bracelets produced during these eras have iconic designs that transcend period and give today’s jewelry lovers their own signature touches that say, “I’m a classic.” Art Deco, styles in vintage and antique bracelets shine with geometric designs, the use of materials such as Bakelite and enamel, and motifs borrowed from Japanese, Egyptian and African cultures. Vintage and antique are terms that cover a wide selection of jewelry produced in the past but available for purchase today at auction houses, estate sales and specialty shops specializing in older pieces. But for those on a budget, you need not lose heart that you cannot afford the antique bracelet price tag. We give you these two magic words, “Vintage Inspired.” Today, many contemporary designers look to vintage and antique bracelets to create their vintage-inspired wrist wear, taking their design cues from the past but using modern techniques to add the requisite affordable sparkle. Reminiscent of yesteryear’s heirlooms these lovely baubles are destined to become tomorrow’s treasures. One of the greatest things about vintage bracelets is that by being worn on one’s wrist they stand out at first sight, so much as by merely shaking hands or giving a friendly wave. A unique antique bracelet can transform an elegant “outfit” into a work of art. The theme of romantic jewelry pieces from the 20s and 30s is re-created in vintage bracelets styles from today’s modern designers. So, for dressing up the arm with gemstone flair, you can never go wrong with antique, vintage (or vintage styled) bracelets.

Bracelets And Bangle Trends Vintage Jewelry If you’re looking for style that never fades, then vintage jewelry is your newest, oldest best friend. From Art Deco diamonds to chandelier earrings, browse the best of yesteryear created today. Jewelry Bracelets This year’s biggest accessory comeback has been the bracelet. Whatever its form; as a bangle bracelet, a cuff, tennis or charm bracelet – discover your style with our guide to brilliant bracelets. Diamonds and Metallics Win Big at American Music Awards Music’s super-mavens gathered at the AMAs’ and celebrated in diamond harmony. Oversize earrings, statement necklaces and diamond cuff bracelets and bangles stole the jewelry honors at the glitzy event. Riviera Rocks Cannes Style It was understated glamour at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Clean lines, muted colors with plenty of ice dazzled the red-carpet at the Riviera’s red-carpet extravaganza. Jewelry from Your Favorite Idol American Idol’s favorite judge is designing sparkles and shines for American Idols and American fashionistas. Elton John’s Rocks and Raves It was a celebration of diamonds and gems at Elton John’s blinging Black and White Ball. Hollywood celebrities glammed it up at this annual ode to ice. Celebrities Go for the Gold Solid Gold Meets Heroin Chic Carry the Torch with Designer Jewels

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