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Why wear crystals?


Love shimmer and sparkle but without the $$$? Then crystals are the next best option to give you that icy-shine loaded with healing powers and endless styling options. So what is a crystal exactly? Generally speaking, this stone is a solid material made of atoms, molecules and ions which have been arranged in a highly complex mathematical pattern called a crystal lattice. This is just the beginning of this piecingly bright gem, find out more below…

1. Crystal comes from the word krustallos which deviates from kruos meaning icy, cold frost.

CrystalJewelry_blog_20150904_d_ (1)

Shard Pendant

2. Examples of larger crystals include table salt, snowflakes and diamonds.


Lariat Necklace

3. Almost all types of crystals have some kind of imperfection.


Victorian Necklace 

4. The Cave of Crystals located in Mexico, contains some of the largest natural crystals in the world. The largest one in 39 by 13 feet and 55 tons in weight.

CrystalJewelry_blog_20150904_b_ (1) 5. Crystals have also been known to heal, often used in alternative medicine helping with everything from headaches to cancer.

CrystalJewelry_blog_20150904_c_ (1)



The 401 on Freshwater Pearls

Pearl lovers and collectors, ever wonder what’s the deal with freshwater pearls? Well, read on to get schooled on these America’s favorite ladylike classic

FreshwaterPearls_blog_20150903_a_ (1)

These lustrous lil’ stones (like most pearls on the market) are cultured which makes them a man-made creation. Typically, a small piece of tissue will be inserted in the pearl nacre. The pearl will start to grow but usually in an irregular shape. During the ’90s freshwater pearl gained popularity because of the variety of color and their affordability. Generally speaking freshwater pearls are grown in Japan, China and the United States. Fiending for more info? Check out these fun facts about pearls…


1. Freshwater pearl cultivation began around the time when America was discovered by the Europeans.


2. The finest freshwater pearls can be found in the Mississippi River, Scotland and China


Honora Set of Pearl Bracelets

3. Cultured pearls are freshwater pearls created with the assistance of the human hand.


Honora 60-Inch Pearl Strand

4. The culturing of freshwater pearls can take from 6 months to 2 years.


Pearl & 1/8 ct Diamond Drop Earrings

5. Only 25-30% of mollusks used for culturing pearls actually survive the process.


Victorian Ring





Face Framers: Soften Up Your Visage With Earrings

Frame your face and give your eyes an extra sparkle with these top 5 earring recommends!


For round, moon shaped faces long or angular designs are the perfect to complement your vibrant visage. Geo drops and marquis dangles are modern twist on this age old trick.

FaceFramer_blog_20150905_a_ (1) 2. OVAL

If you have an oval shape face elongate your look with tear drops or studs. Teardrop earrings are a great way to elongate your face shape while studs draw attention to your eyes, lips and everything in between.




For a heart shaped face, dangles, teardrops and chandeliers are an elegant way to bring depth and fullness to that lovely look of yours. These are also a great way to accent the tips of your eyebrows and the shape of your lips.



Rounded designs and lithe, contoured drops soften up square-shaped faces. These earrings are also a fun way to add movement and accent your jawline.



Unique and dimensional diamond shaped faces pair best with long, swingy drops and soft curves. Hoops are also great to to soften the corners of your face shape for a fully-balanced feel.



Why Cubic Zirconia?


Blind the haters and amp up your cocktail ring collection with one costume jewelry gem that’s making a piercingly bright comeback, cubic zirconia. This shiny stone is no longer the super lame stepsister of every girl’s best friend. From engagement rings to Anne Hathaway’s ladylike studs, this stone is set to be sprinkled throughout the Red Carpet Emmy Awards. Want to know more? Get cozy with cubic zirconia and read on about these fun facts!


Can you tell the difference between a diamonds and cubic zirconia?

1. Cubic Zirconia, also referred to as Zircon, is a mineral synthesized as a diamond simulant. CZeducation_blog_20150902_c_ 2. Since almost every gemstone is in some way altered by man, it is a total myth that cubic zirconia are inferior to diamonds, they have just been perceived as such.


Geometric Drop Earrings


Cristina Sabatini Monegila Ring

3. Cubic zirconia actually weighs more than a diamond.


Guy Laroche Half-Hoop Earrings

4. CZs were originally developed by the Russians and were first used in jewelry in 1969.


Fancy Blue Drop Earrings

5. Cubic zirconia wedding sets have become the stone of choice because they more are affordable and more ethical than diamonds.


Tennis Bracelet

From the US Open-worthy shade-throwing tennis match between Miley and Nicki Minaj to the barely-there looks skimping down the Red Carpet, the 2015 VMAs were regretfully unforgettable. Jewelry however, seemed to be a beacon of icygolden light. Vanessa Hudgen’s nailed it with her Coachella-meets-Cinderella look, replete with a slinky power pendant, Cosco-sized hoops and bouncy diamond gilded bangles. For more jewelry deets, click on with our glammed-out photo gallery!

Decked out in bedazzled headdresses and Native American-inspired necklaces Burning Man jewelry boasts a bold, new kind of boho-style. This two week long music festival in Black Rock Desert Nevada has evolved into a major style/celebrity destination. Otherworldly and eccentric, Burning Man fans dance their way through the desert in a crazy mix of jewelry including eye-popping pendants, full sleeves of beaded bracelets and luminous, look-at-me rings budding with labradorite, turquoise, opals and other gemstones. Love the look? Click each image for more!

Jewelry Trendcaster: The L.A. Look

From The Fear of the Walking Dead to Coachella, the City of Angels is trending like woah. Los Angeles has transformed from being a tourist-driven Tinseltown into a super trendy think tank for fashion, jewelry and even food!  Keep those sun-kissed waves sparkling with some of these top jewelry trends spotted on the streets of LA!

1. Turquoise Power Pendants Turquoise pendants are a bonafide Southern California classic. Crisp with bright color, we love this natural stone that adds a touch of boho glam to just about any get up. Looking for a more Southwestern take on the trend? Try the Kingman Turquoise Pendant, wrapped in sterling silver for a refined update. Love all the creative possibilities with turquoise? Then the Sajen Carved Turquoise Necklace is the perfect way to express your love for this aquatic blue gem!

LAjewelry_blog_20150828_a_   LAjewelry_blog_20150828_b_ (1)

2. Sundial Bib Necklaces Sundial motifs, in all of their shapes and styles are making waves. Designed with jagged lines centered by a round or semiround sun, these bib necklaces are the perfect bling that blends: Southwestern style, graphic lines and statement jewelry all in one.  Gotta have it? Try the Cristina Sabatini Scroll Plate Necklace. Looking for a more feminine twist without all that pizzaz? Then opt for the Beaded Bib Necklace.

LAjewelry_blog_20150828_c_ (1)     LAjewelry_blog_20150828_d_ (1)

3. L.A. Loves Hearts Forget about your summer fling because hearts are here to stay (jewelry, that is)! Heart rings, pendants and earrings are a lovely way to accent your look. Looking for love on a ring (without the engagement part)? Then celebrate yourself with the 1/3 ct Diamond Heart Ring. Found someone special? Then cap off cuffing season with this 1/8 ct Diamond Heart Pendant.

LAjewelry_blog_20150828_e_ (1)     LAjewelry_blog_20150828_f_ (1)

5. Sleek & Petite Rings These understated rings may seem minimalist, but they’re the ultimate way to maximize your 9 to 5 blingy basics. Chevron and the sideways cross band ring in as the top two trending jewelry styles. A shimmering chevron band like 1/10 ct Diamond Chevron Ring adds a hint of graphic glamor. Whereas the Sideways Cross Ring with Diamonds is the perfect blend where fashion meets faith!



Celebrated as the classiest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, our Monday Jewelry Muse Caitlyn Jenner, takes timeless glamor to a whole new level. From gleaming sculptural rings to discrete bar necklaces, Cait’s understated yet elegant jewelry collection adds a sparkling finish to her casual, lady-chic silhouettes. Love the look? Click each image for more!

Wearable Summer Style

Closing the pool already? Don’t pout yet and let your love for summer last jewelry hounds, with these stylish splurges. From game day to Labor Day or even off-the-clock, take a peek at our favorite must-have smart watch wristband and more!


1. Flamingo Pendant

Show off your love for flamingos with this petite diamond pendant! Brilliant white round-cut diamonds totaling 1/10 ct offset a blushing 10K rose gold beak and legs-for a colorful splash sure to make waves! Packed with enough sparkle and sophistication, keep your look on point from sunrise to sunset.


2. Watch

This snazzy Apple Watch wristband featured in Wearable Style News is an easy way to give your tech-savvy timepieces a fashionably fun twist. Casetify’s BlackStrawberry Pink and Coral Watercolor Flamingo Animals on Bright Yellow adds the perfect dose of quirk for a cheery yet chic palette. Love it? Gotta have it? Click HERE for more.


3. Romper

No summer wardrobe is complete without a breezy romper fit for any beach trip or BBQ. Bouquets of pink blooms and vanilla-white floral sprays come to life in this cobalt blue playsuit finished with a braided belt and strappy sandals.

From the summer blockbuster, The Man from U.N.C.L.E to some of the boho-inspired bling sported during Paris Couture Fashion Week, ’60s jewelry is making a splash. But what would Mad Men-era sparklers be without tipping our hats to ’60-jewelry muse, Jackie Kennedy? Take a look at our top looks from our favorite First Lady and how you can get them for less! Love the look? Click each image for more.