Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Engaged to Chris Siegfried

The 9th season of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ concluded Monday night with Desiree Hartsock accepting a proposal from Chris Siegfried. Read on for all the diamond ring details and tear-jerking moments.

America fell in love with California girl and bridal stylist (how ironic), Desiree Hartsock on Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor. But it was Desiree’s brother Nate, and his not so brotherly love towards ‘playboy’ Sean, that was the ultimate reason she got the boot… because who wants to deal with that over Thanksgiving dinner? Alas, Desiree was given her second shot at finding love on reality TV, in what would be the most dramatic season yet (no, really).

Oftentimes, we forget that even reality TV love is a two way street and unfortunately for our girl Des, that is the exact road she traveled down, falling in love with front runner Brooks who decided in Part 1 of the season finale that he didn’t actually love her back. Say it isn’t so! After plenty of tears were shed, the screen went dark and ‘Bachelor Nation’ had to wait another seven whole days to find out if Desiree would have it in her heart to continue on her journey with one of the two remaining suitors. Or if Brooks would decide to come back – because that’s never happened before!

In the end it was Chris Siegfried, a semi-pro baseball player and mortgage broker from Seattle whose love for Desiree was being shadowed by Brooks. Throughout the season, their relationship was founded on quirky personalities and a mutual love for poetry (to which Chris wrote a poem for Desiree just about every episode).

But enough about all that romantic stuff… Let’s talk about the bling!

Official ‘Bachelor’ jeweler Neil Lane traveled to Antiqua with six of his finest engagement rings to help Chris pick out the perfect diamond.

Chris chose a ring that would symbolize their joining of lives in love. “The ring entwines the bands into one, just as Des and Chris are two people wrapped into one couple and forever entwined. It’s beautiful.” Well said, Neil.

The ring consists of a center cushion-cut stone surrounded by over 200 small diamonds for a total weight of 3.5 carats all set in an entwined band of platinum and 18K rose gold. No official price tag has been given, but early reports have the ring rumored to be worth around $95,000. And by now you know the deal – the pair must be together for longer than a year to keep the ring.

No immediate wedding detail just yet other than they want a small, intimate ceremony, ABC cameras maybe invited… shocker!

And in typical ‘Bachelor’ fashion, the next bachelor to start his quest for love will be former professional soccer player and Venezuelan hunk, Juan Pablo Galavis, announced at the live After the Final Rose special.


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