Barbie Baubles – $15,000 For A Barbie Dogtag

If you were (and maybe even still are) one of those Barbie girls – you know, the girl with the full collection including the camper, the sports cars and shoebox full of other plastic accessories you’d better sit down for this next bit of news.

Barbie has as collection of full-on precious jewelry. This means diamonds, sapphires, gold and more in true Barbie fashion. The jewelry collection is currently being sold at the Alan Friedman boutique in Beverly Hills and online at Prices range from $185 to $15,000.

According to a JCK Magazine ‘the new collection includes two signature necklaces: the Luxe Barbie pendant and Barbie dog tag, both featuring 18k white, yellow, or rose gold with white or black diamonds, or yellow or pink sapphires; and the Classic necklace in sterling silver.

There may be one redeeming feature in this over-the-top kitsch collection, a portion of the Barbie Rocks proceeds will go to the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

Well, if Barbie’s your thing all I can say is go for it (though therapy may be a better choice).

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