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September 10, 2009

Jewelry.Com Is Your Source For Beaded Bracelet Information. This Season A Tangled Mass Of Beaded Bracelets Will Be The Look To Beat.

Beaded BraceletBeaded jewelry is a trademark look for those enamored with the lifestyle of the chic bohemian revolutionary. Today, lustrous beaded bracelets adorn the arms of celebs like Madonna, who is given to wearing multiple strands of beaded bracelets from wrist to elbow. Through the ever-fashionable Madge, beaded bracelets have become the rage in many a fashion era. Starting with the Material Girl’s heavy bead laden costumes of the 80?s to her scaled down looks of today using the new breed of designer and colored beaded bracelets that look nothing like what your grandmother might wear. For this season’s fashion conscious, bracelets made up of the dazzling, colorful and AFFORDABLE array of bead jewelry are a must for most any occasion.

Plumbing the brilliant selection of bead-wear created from every possible material, it’s easy to achieve the layered beaded look. Beaded bracelets run the gamut, of beaded bracelets made from crystal, wood or glass beads, to evening-at-the-opera-worthy beaded bracelets that incorporate diamonds and precious gemstones. The common denominator among all beaded jewelry is that, well, it’s composed of beads, usually small round objects of glass, wood, stone, or the like, that are drilled with small holes and strung together on a chain or cord.

Often handmade, beaded bracelets are a staple of African and Native American cultures, which have a long tradition of using colorful beads to mark rituals and special occasions. The fine jewelry industry has borrowed those traditions and updated them for the modern-day luxury consumer by creating beaded bracelets and other items of beaded jewelry featuring precious materials such as rough diamonds, ruby and even polished emerald beads. Just imagine a long-haired beauty epitomized by the likes of Talitha Getty as she swans around a Moroccan-style courtyard wearing a paisley-print caftan and strand upon strand of beaded bracelets trailing up her aristocratic arm. Bracelets with beads are stylish and eye catching and will always put you in the fashion spotlight.

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Come fall/winter 2009, a tangled mess of beaded jewelry will be the look to beat, thanks to fashion’s “everything goes” mentality.

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