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July 10, 2010

Jewelry.Com’s Birthstone Jewelry Set Brief

Helps You Find The Right Birthstone Ensemble For Yourself Or A Loved One.

Birthstone Jewelry SetEnsemble – The bringing together of several elements, each often a work of art in its own right, to produce a rich, dazzling impact. This defines the elegant chic of our Birthstone Ensemble collections. Matching sets of dazzle to give you that special sparkle.

Birthstones have been used since the first century as a way to bring good fortune. Gemstones are associated with each calendar month and each precious stone has designated qualities associated with it. Wearing a complete birthstone jewelry set (ring, earrings and neckwear with a common design theme) is also a
fun, fashionable way to share something about you. Theological debate over the centuries has revised and remolded many of the ancient world’s ideals but birthstone ensembles continue to play important roles in daily life. Throughout the ages gems have been treasured amulets prized for their ability to influence the energies of nature and the life force itself. Even today much of the attraction to wearing a birthstone jewelry set still centers on the mystical over the decorative. has a complete index of educational content to tell you everything you need to know about our present day birthstone jewelry calendar. Here are some quick links to our helpful guides on each stone and some links to our broad range of birthstone jewelry.

Click on the stone name for complete information.

January: Garnet Get Info |
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February: Amethyst Get Info |
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March: Aquamarine Get Info |
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April: Diamond Get Info |
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May: Emerald Get Info |
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June: Pearl Get Info |
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July: Ruby Get Info |
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August: Peridot Get Info |
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September: Sapphire Get Info |
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October: Opal Get Info |
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November: Citrine Get Info |
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December: Blue Topaz Get Info |
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Many a fine jewelry wearer has opted over the years to adorn them selves with individual pieces highlighting their birthstone. A complete birthstone jewelry set shows ones love of fashion and gems and gives off a personal glow with jewelry ensembles that say something about the individual you.

Whether you ascribe zodiacal or mythic attributes to your birthstone ensembles, or you just want to show off your birthday bling, birthstone jewelry sets give you matching fashion gem wear that allow you to dress up your clothing choices in a way that is beautiful and personal.

Birthstone Jewelry Education, Trends Articles and Shopping

All About Birthstones

Gems by month, gems by the stars, gems by color or gems by power –’s guide to colored gems covers the many facets that make these jewels a fashion favorite.

All About Garnet Jewelry tells you all you need to know about the rich red January birthstone – from the garnet’s history and lore to its origins and care.

Shop Garnet Jewelry

All About Amethyst Jewelry gives you all you need to know about the brilliant February birthstone – from the amethyst’s mystical properties and lore to its regal origins and care.

Shop Amethyst Jewelry

All About Aquamarine Jewelry educates you on all you need to know about the glowing March birthstone – from the pastel stone’s history and metaphysical properties to its origins and care.

Shop Aquamarine Jewelry

All About Diamond Jewelry tells you all you need to know about the glamorous April birthstone – from the diamond’s designation as the gift for the 10th, 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries to its proper and care and cleaning.

Shop Diamond Jewelry

All About Emerald Jewelry tells you all you need to know about the glittering May birthstone – from the emerald’s history and lore to its origins and care.

Shop Emerald Jewelry

All About Pearl Jewelry gives you the timeless, classic history of one of the most treasured of all gems; the lustrous June birthstone. From the pearl’s origins in the sea to its modern cultured creations.

Shop Pearl Jewelry

All About Ruby Jewelry gives you all you need to know about the radiant July birthstone – from the ruby’s rich red history and lore to its meanings and properties and care.

Shop Ruby Jewelry

All About Peridot Jewelry informs you of all you would want to know about the glowing August birthstone – from the peridot’s Hawaiian legends and lore to its most prized lime green hues and care.

Shop Peridot Jewelry

All About Sapphire Jewelry brings you all you need to know about the beautiful September birthstone – from the sapphire’s storied past to its prized position within the crown jewels of the world and its proper care.

Shop Aquamarine Jewelry

All About Opal Jewelry has education for you on all you need to know about the dazzling October birthstone – from the Opal’s history and revered mystical powers to its proper storage and care.

Shop Opal Jewelry

All About Citrine Jewelry tells you all you need to know about the most affordable of all the earth-toned gemstones; the brilliant November birthstone – from the citrine’s origins and care to fashion/style recommendations.

Shop Citrine Jewelry

All About Blue Topaz Jewelry tells you why blue topaz has become one of the most popular gemstones on the market today and all you need to know about the glowing December birthstone.

Shop Blue Topaz Jewelry

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