Black Friday Top Five Tips


Crank up your Keurig and pitch your tents because Black Friday is trailblazing its way around America. Considered the nation’s number #1 shopocalypse, this year is predicted to be bigger than any Buffalo NY, snow storm. But with all this commotion, channel your inner Katniss and keep your cool with our quick-and-dirty break down of how to survive Black Friday… BkFriGuide_blog_20141124_d (1)

1. Do Your Research. While you are waiting for that turkey to roast, or the ‘rents to arrive, start surfing the web for some deal redefining steals by clicking here Generally speaking, the more you frequent our website up to Black Friday the better chances you have of snatching the best steals. Comparative research will also help and Google Shopping is a great way to optimize your time and savings.


2. Fake Coupons. Like bogus emails there are just as many scams as there are sales which could unfortunately lead to identity theft and so on. Please be sure to double check and read the fine print on every coupon and advertisement. Aside from our Black Friday Deals, offers the best coupons and savings through our email subscription list.



3. Track Your Spending.  Come up with a master budget stating how much you’ll be spending on each person on your list. Like a food journal, write down how much you’ve spent/ splurged and what your goals are. This will keep you on track. While shopping on, if you see piece you absolutely love, just remember, there’s always hope with our Wish List.

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4. Shop with a Credit Card Instead of Debit Card. By shopping with a credit card, you will limit your liability in case of fraud up to $50 as opposed to a debit card where your liability can run up to $500. Another option is if you are shopping decide to pay with cash OR credit, this will keep it simple in the end. At you have the option to use credit card, PayPal or Amazon, so the endless payment options are in your hands, right where they should be.


5. Get as Many Items as You Can in the Fewest Stores. This will instantly cut down the number of lines you’ll have to inch through and the endless walking, waiting and crowd hopping you will inevitably have to confront. And don’t forget all good things come in small packages, picking something personalized and polished like jewelry is probably the best way to beat the lines. So don’t forget to check out for our elegantly curated assortment.

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