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January 6, 2009

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway played with ‘bride and groom’ fashion at the premiere of their new movie, Bride Wars, last night, and the result was a fashion marvel and a major misstep. With not one, but two A-list beauties sharing top billing, we fashion hounds expect couture on the red carpet not a cutsie marketing ploy. Sorry, ladies.

Kate Hudson dazzled in a stunning black and white Oscar de la Renta gown, while Anne played groom with a tailored tuxedo jacket over what appeared to be black skinny jeans. Seriously. Skinny jeans. Two words I had hoped to never write again –particularly about the usually chic Hathaway.

And the misstep didn’t end there. The Hathaway hair choice conjured images of an Elvira-spawned lovechild with a profile reminiscent of an Olympic ski jump. It’s just all kinds of unfortunate.

Luckily, there were diamonds to cover for the calamity. Kate wore a cluster of diamond bangles, Anne sported a chunky diamond right hand ring, and a surprisingly svelte Kristen Johnston won the night with an icy diamond statement necklace. Well done.

The Hudson-produced Bride Wars tells the tale of two best friends turned rivals who are forced to share the same wedding date at The Plaza. Cat fights, backstabbing and crying jags ensue. The glittering New York premiere had its after party at (where else?) Tiffany’s, and the movie features a five-carat rock worth close to $400,000 from the iconic jewelry store.

I’m sure Anne and Kate look adorable in the film, which opens wide this Friday, January 9th. But a note to Anne’s stylist? Make the ski-slope hair and suit trousers stop.

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  1. Kelly

    True dat about KJ’s SATC appearance! Her character ranted about how all the fun has gone out of nyc, and then she falls out of the window. Now THAT’S a way to exit a scene!

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