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Cats, Spiders, Black Diamonds, & More: Halloween Jewelry For Every Costume

BOO! Did we scare you? It’s almost time for the spookiest holiday around. That’s right – Halloween! There are several things we love about Halloween. We love the costumes and of course the accessories (duh!). Complement your costume with some of our favorite Halloween jewelry.

Cats & Leopard Print – Dressing up as a cat this Halloween? Don’t forget the cat pendant! If you’re looking for something a little fiercer, a leopard costume is perfect for you, accessorized with leopard print jewelry of course.


Click here to view these cat pendants.

Creepy Crawlers Spiders, dragons, and snakes, oh my! These creepy crawlers always remind us of Halloween, and are great jewelry additions to any costume.


Click here to view this spider pendant & snake ring.

Black Diamonds – Go for couture! If your costume is more of an upscale look (Downton Abbey costume anyone?), then black diamonds are just what you’re looking for. Nothing says luxe like diamonds. 


Click here to view these diamond earrings & pendant.

Fall Colors – Golds, reds, oranges, and yellows, we just love fall colored jewelry, don’t you? Pair your Halloween costume with baubles that celebrate the season.


Click here to view this fall colored pendant & ring.

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Legendary Jewerly Thief Doris Payne Strikes Again!

The 84-year-old jewelry thief extraordinaire, Doris Payne fooled us again with her latest steal, a $33,000 engagement ring at David Yurman in Charlotte, North Carolina. Payne has spanned a seasoned, sixty three year career stealing from famous jewelry houses and can count Switzerland, Greece and even Japan as some of her prime hotspots.


Born in 1930 in Slab Fork, West Virginia, Payne grew up poor and struggled as a working class mother. Payne’s first score was when she was a child swiping a watch from her local jeweler. Payne quickly worked her way stealing from upscale department stores, major jewelers like Tiffany & Co. and even stole a 10 1/2 ct diamond in Monte Carlo. Totally fascinated? Well, the legendary jewelry thief dubbed ‘Diamond Doris’ was even the subject of a documentary, The Life and Times of Doris Payne.  


This most recent report comes shortly after her October jail release from last year after stealing a $22,500 diamond encrusted ring at El Paseo Jewelers in Palm Desert, California.


Team U.S.A. Women’s Soccer Jewelry Trends

Go team U.S.A.! All 23 members of the U.S. women’s soccer team traveled through Manhattan today to celebrate their FIFA Women’s World Cup win in a ticker-tape parade. This was the first time a women’s sports team rode down NYC’s famous Canyon of Heroes. The ladies proudly displayed their gold medals (talk about some major bling!), along with other jewelry favorites.


As team U.S.A. fans, we’ve noticed a few jewelry trends among the teammates – gorgeous engagement and wedding rings and stud earrings. Check out some of the ladies’ jewelry selections below and get the look for less at!

Recently engaged Midfielder, Carli Lloyd with engagement ring and stud earrings

Recently engaged Midfielder, Carli Lloyd with engagement ring and stud earrings

Forward, Alex Morgan with engagement ring and stud earrings

Forward, Alex Morgan with engagement ring and stud earrings

Forward, Sydney Leroux with engagement ring & wedding ring

Forward, Sydney Leroux with engagement ring & wedding ring

Forward, Abby Wombach with wedding ring and stud earrings

Forward, Abby Wombach with wedding ring and stud earrings

Inspired by the team’s bling? Visit to shop for diamond rings and stud earrings.


Tech Jewelry Takes Flight

Tech jewelry is making waves this summer and is destined to become the biggest jewelry trend this year. Gone are the days of binge shopping for smart phone apps that monitor everything from your sleep cycle to security system, when you can do everything with just the touch of a freshwater pearl button. Take a look at some of the most stylin’ high-tech sparklers that’s got everybody beaming.

1. Fit Bit   Forget about flaunting your brightest bling when you can show off the frill-free design of your Fit Bit watch. With the ability to track everything from your heart rate to how many calories you’ve burned, this sleek little accessory is the perfect way to promote wellness with a minimalist-chic edge.


2. Cicret Bracelet  Absolutely bombarded with computer, smart phone/tablet and TV screens of all kinds? Well, the Cicret Bracelet may just be the trick for you! This gadget holds a tiny pico projector and eight teeny weeny proximity sensors to reproduce the image of your smart phone screen onto your skin.  Using a low energy Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi will connect to your network and even has a vibrate function. Too good to be true? Well, the Kickstarter campaign for this nifty lil’ device hasn’t ended yet.

SmartJewelry_blog_20150619_b_ SmartJewelry_blog_20150619_c_

3. Cuff jewelry   Aside from their timelessly bold design, Cuff jewelry  has the capability to pre-program your emergency contacts in the case of a life threatening situation.  With just the tap of a button, these stylish sparklers could save your life. Out this fall, Cuff is already accepting pre-orders.


4. Ringly   Tired of carrying your phone with you everywhere you go? Well, just put a ring on it then with Ringly. This chic cocktail rock alerts you of texts, phone calls, emails and any other updates using vibrations and light.


5. Netatmo JUNE   Beach bums and babes, you’ll need this piece of bling. The Netatmo JUNE bracelet tracks your sun exposure throughout the day, lets your smart phone know what the appropriate amount of SPF is and even notifies you when it’s time to slip into the shade.


WIN Mom’s Heart with our MOMS ROCK Jewelry Sweeps!

Faster than you can say “CVS, Aisle 5” Mother’s Day will be right around the corner! But before you run off and buy the biggest box of Russell Stover’s or any last minute gifts you can find, think a little bigger and think bling!


After all, if Taylor Swift can give her mom an award on stage in front of millions of people, you can certainly do a little better. Even just a set of pearls, a fun cocktail ring or a pendant will make mom’s heart sing.


But, if you REALLY want to turn it up a notch and make mom feel like Queen Bey for a day, ENTER our annual MOMS ROCK JEWELRY SWEEPS.


The winner will receive a 3/4 ct diamond necklace elegantly set in 14K white gold. Classically feminine with a vintage-inspired allure, this lovely lariat sparkler pairs nicely with everything from casual flats and capris to chic cocktail frocks (and, even mom jeans)!




A jewelry keepsake, this sparkler will definitely save you from any potentially awkward impulse-bought mother’s day cards, dopey mugs or funny food-related gifts.