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February is here (we can’t believe it!), which means it’s time to rock that royal purple birthstone amethyst. Fun fact about amethyst – amethyst comes from the Greek work “amethystos,” which means “sober.” In ancient Greece, it was believed amethyst could protect you from getting drunk (imagine that!).

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It’s that time again – we’re pulling out the knitted scarves, oversized sweaters, boots, and of course, our winter jewelry. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to stay stylish while all bundled up. Jewelry is the key! Check out our Winter Wonderland collection at, full of reds, greens, blues, snowflakes, stars, and more.

Accessorize with Nail Rings: The Hottest Jewelry Trend

What’s the hottest new jewelry trend to hit the market? Nail rings! It’s time to show your nails a little more love (and get a mani while you’re at it!). Nail rings range in different styles and sizes. Some sit right below your nail, while others cover your whole nail. Choose whichever type fits your own personal style.




Not a fan of this new jewelry trend? Check out’s selection of trendy rings.


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Our Weekly Favorites: Fitbit Accessories, Haunted House Videos, & InStyle Awards

Fitbit accessories, Ellen DeGeneres’s haunted house videos, InStyle Awards celebrity jewelry – these are just a few of our weekly favorites this week! Read on for our full list.

Fitbit Accessories – Good news Fitbit lovers! Fitbit accessories are making it even easier to look stylish with a Fitbit. We especially love the Tory Burch for Fitbit Double-Wrap Bracelet. So trendy. Check out the most fashionable accessories on Wearable Style News.


Tory Burch for Fitbit Double-Wrap Bracelet

Ellen DeGeneres’s Haunted House Videos – We love a good funny video (doesn’t everyone?). If you haven’t seen Ellen’s haunted house videos before, then you must watch. Each year around Halloween, Ellen sends her Executive Producer Andy Lassner, and one other “victim” to make their way through a haunted house, while being filmed of course. Here’s last year’s hilarious and entertaining video. Tune in tomorrow to see Andy and Eric Stonestreet (from “Modern Family”) make their way through the haunted house!


Andy Lassner & Eric Stonestreet

InStyle Awards Celebrity Jewelry – We don’t hide the fact that we’re a little obsessed with seeing what the celebs are wearing.  This week InStyle hosted its very first InStyle Awards, and many of our style icons were in attendance. We loved Rachel Zoe’s all white ensemble paired with a statement necklace. To get the jewelry look for less, shop Honora pearls at


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Oprah Winfrey on LinkedIn – Just this week Oprah Winfrey joined LinkedIn. Of course we love this news since we’re big Oprah fans, but more importantly because we like to see a prominent public figure embracing social networking tools. Go O!


Oprah Winfrey’s LinkedIn photo

 What are your faves this week?

Our Weekly Favorites: Fall Statement Earrings, PSLs, & Larry David as Bernie Sanders

From Spooky Styles jewelry to Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL, we have so many weekly favorites this week. Check out our list below! 

1) Fall Statement Earrings – Brighten up that beautiful mug with a pair of fall statement earrings (our favorite kind!). Orange, gold, or red, choose an autumn color that most fits your style. Shop our Fall Jewelry sale here.


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2) Spooky Styles Jewelry – Get in touch with your inner Goth girl with spiders, dragons, and snakes. After all, it’s almost Halloween, the perfect time for creepy baubles! Shop our Spooky Styles sale here.


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3) Zombies – Zombies are still in and yes, we love them! If you’re a “Walking Deadfan, you’ll love this article we came across, which maps out the show’s filming locations.


4) Thursday Night TV – It’s back! Oh Thursday night TV (TGIT), how we missed you. If you’re a How To Get Away With Murder fan we’re sure you’ve noticed Annalise Keating’s amazing statement necklaces. So on point! Shop for your own statement necklaces here.


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5) PSLs – We’ve jumped on the PSL (Pumpkin Spiced Lattes) bandwagon years ago, and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Is there any better way to start your morning than with a PSL?


6) Larry David as Bernie Sanders It’s pretty much a given that Larry David is a comedic genius (Seinfeld anyone?). His impersonation of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on SNL was so spot on, that people are questioning if Larry is running for president himself.

6Things_blog_20151021_f_ (1)

What are your weekly favorites? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

90s Jewelry: It’s Back!

Guess what jewelry mavens…90s jewelry is back! Set your Pandora to your Nirvana station, get out your hoops and peace signs, and enjoy this fun style re-emergence (we know we will!). Here are three 90s jewelry trends that are in today.

Hoops Hoops, there it is (please excuse us for our bad pun…). Large 90s hoops are back in style, and worn by A list celebs like Jessica Alba. Stock up on hoops at


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Peace Signs – Still have those peace sign necklaces from the 90s in your jewelry box (we don’t judge!)? Well dig them out jewelry addicts. Peace sign jewelry is once again hip. Check out Selena Gomez sporting a peace sign pendant, and shop for your own at


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Chain Jewelry – Remember when plain chains were the cool things to wear, paired with dramatic eyeliner? Yup, we do too. Chain jewelry is back. Just look at good ole’ Kimmy K. stylin’ in a choker chain necklace. Shop for chain jewelry at


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What 90s jewelry trends will you bring back to life?

Red Carpet Report: 2015 Emmy Jewelry Trends

Oh how we love the red carpet! Last night we watched the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (for the jewelry of course!), and are here to report on the top Emmy jewelry trends. Check em’ out!

Bangles & Cuffs Bangles and cuffs were all over the red carpet (and they’re a hot fall jewelry trend!). Amy Poehler showcased a new look with a black dress, long, hair, and bangles galore by Neil Lane. Natasha Lyonne’s arm shined with black, gold, and diamond bangles. Shop for this fall’s bangle trend at


Gemstone Earrings Gemstones on the red carpet just make our hearts sing, and this year the red carpet was full of them. Julie Bowen paired her black ensemble with some lovely green earrings by Monica Vinader, while Jaimie Alexander wore gorgeous purple drops by Baccarat. Shop for your own pair of gemstone earrings at


Diamond Earrings Diamond earrings were in, and the more whimsical the better! Sofia Vergara matched her gold gown with a unique pair of diamond statement earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. Julia Louis Dreyfus showed off an amazing oval-shaped Chopard pair. Treat yourself to a new pair of diamond earrings at


What were your favorite Emmy jewelry looks? Share with us in the comment section below!