Celtic Jewelry

Here is some background and even shopping tips on the ancient, decorative art form that is Celtic Jewelry.

Celtic Jewelry

Steeped in as much mystery as history, Celtic Jewelry can offer unique possibilities for accessorizing today’s fashions with a hint of historical glamour. Celtic knots are the most recognizable as well as most stylized decorations used in Celtic jewelry. Adopted by the ancient Druids (legendary builders of Stonehenge) these knots are most known for their use in the ornamentation of monuments, manuscripts and tribal priestesses.

Celtic gem lore is, in fact, the origin of our modern day birthstone tradition. It has long been believed that the power of rocks and crystals can influence or reveal one’s fate. While many dismiss the metaphysical appreciation of Celtic jewelry, the popularity of birthstones attests to the fact that many people remain intrigued by the connection between gems, the stars and their own nature.

Coral, among the most ancient of gem materials, is the traditional theme for the 35th wedding anniversary. Used for adornment since prehistoric times, coral inlays and ornaments have been found in tombs and in Celtic jewelry pieces from the Iron Age.

Many couples today are looking off the traditional path to the more ancient traditions of our deep past to express their marital bonds. Unique wedding and engagement ring sets created in the Celtic styles have an heirloom quality that expresses the eternal.

With more and more fine jewelry makers creating variations of knots, spirals, step and key patterns, finding the perfect piece of Celtic jewelry to accessorize today’s fashions at an affordable price has never been easier.

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