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March 10, 2009 is your go-to source for expert information, buying tips and shopping advice helping you find the perfect Celtic pendant. A favorite of celebrities, Celtic pendants are works of wearable art, rich in history and symbolism.

Celtic pendants are full of powerful symbolism; a good deal of their inherent mystique comes from their ancient origins. The word “Celtic” generally refers to the Celts, who lived in Britain and Western Europe from 500 BC and 400 AD- from the Iron Age through the rise of the Roman Empire. There are few written records from this epoch, shrouding the origin of many Celtic symbols in mystery. Although Celtic designs that emphasized sacred geometry pre-date Christianity, the ‘never-ending’ knot work many associate with Celtic artwork (most famously showcased in the Book of Kells) became widespread under the influence of Christianity. Celtic knot work is generally viewed as a metaphor expressing that life on earth is deeply interconnected. This ancient symbolism imbues Celtic pendants with an inherent power and mystery that has endured for millennia.

The rich symbolism of Celtic pendants provides a link to the pride and history of the ancient past in today’s fast-moving world. Celtic pendants’ rich tapestries of never-ending, never-beginning knot work provide an evocative reminder of life’s interconnectedness, symbolism which has not lost its power for thousands of years.

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