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May 1, 2010

Expert advice, information and shopping tips on glamorous cocktail rings. Find out all there is to know about amazing cocktail rings and choose the perfect cocktail ring for you or your loved one.

Cocktail Rings

Nothing says style like an oversized, dramatic, eye catching cocktail ring! This top fashion trend allows you to make a statement to the world, announcing: I am here and will not be ignored! Since cocktail rings come in such a variety of colors, styles, stones and materials, you can surely find the one that truly fits your lifestyle.

When choosing a cocktail ring you can go for the cute and sweet, the sparkling and glamorous, or the shocking and eccentric, but the general rule is – the bigger the better. A cocktail ring is there to dazzle the eye and give you a look and feel of larger-than-life at any party or other dressy occasion.

A cocktail ring is the perfect accessory for making any outfit feel fresh, new and attractive. And when your feeling your best, that bold conversation starter you’re wearing on your finger can only boost your evening even more. Remember to give the ring the royal place it deserves – center stage, without downplaying it with other rings or over accessorizing.

So take a look at our cocktail ring collection – and choose between big or small, modest or flashy, emeralds, diamonds, pearls or sapphires, pinks, yellows, blues or greens – until you find the one that really says “me”.

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