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Expert advice, shopping tips and an insider’s buying guide on finding crystal jewelry and crystal pendants that you’ll never stop loving.

Discover’s dazzling collection of crystal and Swarovski jewelry for every style, occasion and budget.

Chic and affordable crystal jewelry can look as every bit as glamorous as its gemstone peers, especially if it’s made using precision-cut crystals from a company like Swarovski. The Austrian crystal and glass jewelry company has been producing amazing crystal jewelry and figurines since 1895. Stunning Swarovski crystals boast a unique refractory quality that gives their surface a beguiling rainbow appearance.

Crystal pendants have become not only become a hit on the fashion runway but have become something that anyone can incorporate into their everyday wear. Crystal pendants have the chic and sophisticated look and can dazzle up any outfit.

Thanks to its affordability, crystal jewelry can incorporate large pieces of crystal for use in pendants and necklaces. More fine jewelry designers have begun to include crystal jewelry in their repertoires in order to bring down price points without sacrificing style or quality.

They also make a great anniversary present, and are affordably attractive with prices for a great crystal pendant at under $50.

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Crystal and Glass Jewelry

High-precision cut crystal and glass jewelry has the twin benefits of being both fashionable and affordable. From top-quality crystal necklaces to intricately carved glass figurines, has the variety you’re looking for. Scrabble’s Crystal Play

Crystal and glass jewelry ranges from the prosaic to the avant-garde, such as a bejeweled Scrabble board featuring 30,000 Swarovski crystals. Its triple word score meets ‘bling’ for a worthy cause. Bridal Tips: Anniversary Gift Themes

According to’s guide to anniversary jewelry, gifting crystal and glass jewelry is a great and modern way to commemorate the third anniversary, whose traditional gift is leather. Jewelry Fashion Gets Fun and Frivolous

Fashion designers are adhering to one simple maxim for 2009 – “Everything goes!” The focus on big and bold accents means crystal and class jewelry is taking center-stage in the form of voluminous cuffs and necklaces that look more like breastplates.

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