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May 10, 2010

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry, a diamond substitute with real fire.

Cubic Zirconia JewelryCubic Zirconia, (also known simply as “cz”) the oldest and most established diamond simulant, is a man-made diamond substitute with an inexpensive price tag. Used frequently in the creation of diamond-like cz rings, cubic zirconia earrings and exquisite cubic zirconia tennis bracelets. These lab created diamond substitutes are much closer to the physical characteristics of a real diamond than any other imitations.

Having the same shape and color, these diamond substitutes are far from being fake diamonds; they’re a stone in their own right, and cubic zirconia is one of
the finest available alternatives to a diamond. Even trained gemologists, cannot tell the difference between diamond and cubic zirconia jewelry using only the naked eye and, like a diamond, cubic zirconia gems cannot be scratched by common
dirt or sand.

Cubic Zirconia jewelry is an extremely affordable way to get the “diamond look” at a fraction of the price. Since it is a man made crystal grown in controlled conditions, the quality of CZ is assured with clarity and cut comparable to the finest diamonds. Because of the affordability, cubic zirconia engagement rings are often the alternative for those getting married under a tight budget. The ability to afford larger cz gemstones across the board means that pieces like cz earrings can create even more dazzling bling on a budget. Similarly inexpensive “upsized” cubic zirconia necklaces and bracelets can create a spectacular effect, giving off scintillating sparkle with eveningwear.

From playful cubic zirconia pendants, to large-scale luxurious evening wear styled pieces, cubic zirconia jewelry has moved into the spotlight as an affordable alternative.

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Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is perhaps the oldest and most established diamond simulant (man-made substitutes) on the market today. At only a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond, this unique stone has become a staple for young couples on a budget as they prepare for their special day.

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