Cubic Zirconia Pendants

Cubic Zirconia Pendants-All the Beauty without the Bucks

Next time you find yourself drooling over a stranger’s diamond pendant, keep in mind that you’re probably looking at a gorgeous cubic zirconia pendant! Exquisite cubic zirconia pendants are one of fashion’s best-kept jewelry secrets, pairing all the brilliance of diamonds (even trained gemologists can’t tell cubic zirconia and diamonds apart with the naked eye) with an inexpensive price tag. Cubic zirconia pendants are now made with cutting-edge technology that magnifies the reflectivity and sparkle of these beautiful stones, making cubic pendants the most stunning steal around!

Cubic zirconia pendants are an incredible way to capture ‘diamond looks’ at bargain rates, enabling jewelry artisans to fashion bold, fashion-forward cubic zirconia pendants that would be unthinkable at diamond prices. Since ‘CZ’ is a crystal grown in controlled conditions, cubic zirconia pendants’ gems have a size, clarity and cut comparable to the finest diamonds.”CZ” even has much of diamond’s vaunted durability- it cannot be scratched by dirt or sand. Brilliant cubic zirconia pendants are some of the most fashion-forward, bold jewelry pieces around; artisans inspired by cubic zirconia’s versatility and accessibility create dazzling pieces that couldn’t be made with any other stone.

The smart choice for fashionistas everywhere, cubic zirconia pendants are a fantastic way to capture a whole lot of bling without breaking the bank. Cubic zirconia pendants’ brilliance is so affordable, you can stock your jewelry box with pairs and pairs of radiant styles- there’s a cubic zirconia pendant for every occasion. From fun, flirty styles to classic, simple looks, cubic zirconia pendants are steals that never fail to stun!

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry and Pendant Trends

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

CZ is a diamond substitute with real fire. Learn more about this dazzling stone that fits every style and budget!

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Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is perhaps the oldest and most established diamond simulant (man-made substitutes) on the market today. At only a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond, this unique stone has become a staple for young couples on a budget as they prepare for their special day.

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