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June 10, 2010

This Year’s Biggest Accessory Is The Diamond Bracelet. A Singular Sensation Or Grouped In Layers On The Wrist, Diamond Bracelets Are This Years Must Have For Fashion Fun.

Diamond Bracelet

Once believed to be teardrops of the Gods, worn only by nobility, diamond jewelry is now more affordable than ever. From fashion-forward diamond pendants to statement diamond rings and the stunning diamond bracelet worth up to millions, it’s just a matter of finding your perfect gem. Diamond bracelets in bangles or cuffs stacked up the arm, to spotlight stealing diamond tennis bracelets, the incomparable brilliance, elegance, durability and mystery of this legendary stone has captured our imagination for thousands of years.

Diamonds have always been an actresses’ best friend – particularly at major award shows such as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Tonys, the Grammys and other luminary events. This year diamond bracelets were key in creating that star sparkle on the red carpet. Starlets such as Amy Ryan, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Thirlby, and others all modeled the perfect pairing of dazzling diamond drop earrings and diamond bracelets as they stepped through the gauntlet of red carpet fans and paparazzi alike.

Diamonds were mostly seen either on the ears or round the wrists and diamond bracelets were piling up the arms of the hottest celebs creating a white-hot sparkle. In addition to giving the stars some extra shine, the right diamond bracelet can turn a ‘great’ look into an ‘amazing’ look, and no one knows better than the stars of the silver screen how important it is to look the part. From the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood party, to a family get-together – from walking the Red Carpet, to simply walking the dog – a diamond bracelet adds the perfect finish to any outfit.

It’s all in the wrist as the diamond bracelet craze is sweeping the nation this season. From a jeans and tee shirt picnic to a suit to a cocktail dress night on the town – every occasion calls for some sparkling wrist-wear. Diamond bracelets have become some of the most popular items of jewelry accessories this year. Made in a variety of styles and set in the most beautiful, luxurious
precious metals like silver, gold, white gold or even platinum – diamond bracelets are the trend that won’t soon go out of style.

So whether you want to add a little flair in the daytime or jazz it up for a night on the town, or if you just want to be like your favorite film star, diamond bracelets are the trendy way to make your own jewelry statement.

The Diamond’s 4 C’s

Like most gemstones, diamonds require cutting and polishing. The skill of a diamond cutter is required to unlock the extraordinary and unique beauty of a diamond. Many gemologists believe this is the most important – though most misunderstood – of the “Four Cs” that determine a diamond’s quality and value. Even if a diamond has perfect color and clarity, a poor cut will cause it to lose sparkle.

Celebrity Bracelets And Bangle Trends

Jewelry Bracelets

This year’s biggest accessory comeback has been the bracelet. Whatever its form; as a bangle bracelet, a cuff, tennis or charm bracelet – discover your style with our guide to brilliant bracelets. Diamonds and Metallics Win Big at American Music Awards

Music’s super-mavens gathered at the AMAs’ and celebrated in diamond harmony. Oversize earrings, statement necklaces and diamond cuff bracelets and bangles stole the jewelry honors at the glitzy event. Riviera Rocks Cannes Style

It was understated glamour at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Clean lines, muted colors with plenty of ice dazzled the red-carpet at the Riviera’s red-carpet extravaganza. Jewelry from Your Favorite Idol

American Idol’s favorite judge is designing sparkles and shines for American Idols and American fashionistas. Elton John’s Rocks and Raves

It was a celebration of diamonds and gems at Elton John’s blinging Black and White Ball. Hollywood celebrities glammed it up at this annual ode to ice.

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