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June 9, 2010

Important tips on buying the perfect engagement ring – from diamond cut, diamond color, diamond pricing and more.

Let make you the most informed diamond buyer out there – before you pop the big question.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Probably the most important and emotional jewelry purchase you’ll ever make is that of an engagement ring. For many couples – an engagement ring means one thing – a dazzling diamond. Questions such as ‘how do I choose a diamond ring?’ – ‘Should it be solitaire diamond ring?’ – ‘How do I know what to pay for my diamond ring?’ and ?how can I know she’ll like this ring she’ll wear for the rest of her life?’ are just a few of the questions that’ll need answering before you start shopping. Before you take another step, spend time here and learn all there is to learn about diamonds and engagement rings.

You need to know what the Four Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat really mean and how they influence the price of your diamond ring. Finding a good deal on a diamond engagement ring is easier than you think. While the classic styles such as a round diamond solitaire or a princess cut diamond in platinum never go out of style, you can still find deals from retailers who are looking to refresh their stock. Check out our Clearance Vault – you’ll be surprised to see some dazzling diamonds at incredible prices and at major discounts?. But more importantly – it’s all about finding the diamond ring she’ll love – after all – what says I love you more than a ring she’ll wear forever!

Diamond Engagement Ring Education Articles

Engagement Rings: The Latest Trends

A single diamond solitaire maybe the classic diamond engagement ring style – but today there’s more than just a ‘solitary’ style when it comes to bridal rings. Find out the trends, the styles and the settings that are topping the engagement ring trends for modern brides worldwide.

The History (As We Tell It) Of Engagement Rings

What’s the story behind engagment rings? From caveman and rope to aristocracy and diamonds – it’s an engaging tale.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring reveals the codes, the secrets and some insider tips and trends on how to buy an engagement ring. From finding the perfect diamond to getting true value for money – its the 101 of Engagement Ring shopping.

Insuring And Appraising An Engagement Ring

Should you insure your diamond engagement ring? Is it worth it? How do you do it? What should be aware of? explains all and more, along with insider tips and advice about insuring and appraising all of your jewelry.

Engagement Ring Trends – Avoid The Bachelor Bungle

A jewelry primer of important engagement ring tips every nervous bachelor needs to know.

Available Stone Settings

Available Stone Shapes

Care Of Your Diamond

Certifications, Appraisals And Insurance

The Diamond

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Color

Diamond Cut

Evaluating A Diamond’s Cut

Evaluating A Diamond For Brilliance

Journey Of A Diamond (From Mine to Retail)

Learn More About Diamonds…

Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings and Trends

Celebrities’ Engagement Rings

What are the engagment rings of choice for the rich and the famous?’s guide to celebrity engagement rings is a journey into some blinding bling.

Ellen’s Engagement Ring To Portia

When Ellen De Generes comes bearing jewelry gifts you know it’s going to be something special. For partner Portia De Rossi this meant a diamond engagement ring that was colorful and classy.

Rock of Ages!

Beyonce’s blinding with her newest bling – a stunning diamond 18 carat engagement ring from famed jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz.

Uma’s Engagement Ring Rock

Uma Thurman’s diamond engagement ring is rock heavy. takes a look at this celebrity diamond that’s no flash in the pan.

Izzie Says ‘I Do’

The jewelry, the diamonds, the dress and the stars that shone at Katherine Heigl’s Utah wedding.

Diamonds for Dreamgirls

Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles are two Dreamgirls that aren’t dreaming of a diamond anymore. The superstars recently revealed their stunning diamond engagement rings that sure sparkle in tune.

Celebrity Rings

Mariah Carey’s diamond engagement ring shone in the spotlight as the super-star showed off her multi-million dollar jewel.

Today Show’s Bridal Bling

The Today Show proved that when it comes to the bride – it’s all about the bling. Wedding jewelry, diamond rings and million dollar jewels were the name of the game at the Today Show wedding of the year.

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