A Diamond in the Rough-122.52 ct Blue Diamond up for Auction


Counted as one of the most significant gem finds in years, a 122.52 ct blue diamond rough found in June has been sold for a whopping $27.6 million which prices out to $225,269 a carat. Originally found in South Africa in the Cullinan Mine owned by Petra Diamonds, this generously-sized gem is estimated to sell close to $40 million which would be a record breaker for any rough diamond ever sold.  Petra has announced interests in partnership opportunities as well as accepting straight-up bid offers (start hoping for a big holiday bonus). This certainly isn’t the first time Petra has opted for partnerships teaming up with Sotheby’s in the past to cut and polish a 26 ct blue diamond which was auctioned off as a 7 ct Star of Josephine for $9.5 million. In love with its icy-blue hue? So are we, and according to Thomas Gelb, education director for the Natural Color Diamond Association this is likely to go down in history as one big blue:  

“Type IIb diamonds are generally less likely to cleave or fracture during cutting and very frequently have few internal inclusions. So this may well result in a very large and important natural color blue diamond.”

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