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December 21, 2008

It’s that time of year again – and, guys, the Jewelry Insider knows how you feel. You’ve been thinking about what to get her for weeks now – putting it off until somehow the gift-giving gods provided some kind of divine inspiration. But now it’s crunch time, and you’ve got, well, a whole lot of nothing. Am I right?

The good news is: there’s still time. And the better news? We have the perfect gift idea that will wow her without breaking the bank. Diamonds.

Why spend money on meaningless cardigans, boring bathrobes and sad-sack sock sets when you can consolidate your list into one shining gift that she’ll treasure forever?

According to the Diamond Information Center’s Sally Morrison, diamond jewelry is experiencing a return to basics this holiday season. Staples like diamond studs are a surefire winner. Three-stone jewelry and right hand rings are also popular choices. And while interest rates may be lowering (along with the stock market and our 401k balances), there’s no denying that love will never go out of fashion. In other words – pop the question fellas. There’s no time like the present!

Ms. Morrison also points out that price points for all of these jewelry categories are far from frightening – and I couldn’t agree more.

In a recent appearance on Chanell 11 news in New York, she features these diamond studs from for only $250.

And how about this 1/4 carat three-stone diamond dazzler for just a bit more?

And what better way to get rid of those butterflies than to get on bended knee with this stunning diamond bridal set from Kay Jewelers for only $700!

So take your finger off the panic button, gentlemen, and let one little box do all the talking this holiday season. ‘Less is more’ never looked this good.

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