Diamond Journey Couples

Diamond journey pieces are everywhere. The styles features a series of diamonds gradually increasing in size, representing – so we’re told – the growing love of a couple’s journey.

Next year will see the release of the diamond separation pieces – apparently you just turn a ‘journey’ piece upside down and figure out the representation for yourselves.

Anyway, cynicism aside, I decided to do a quick review of some really mindless mags and and see which celebrities can call the past 12 months– their ‘journey year’.


Bend It Beckhams
Hate ‘em or love ‘em – it’s been an incredible year for the Beckhams. From Madrid to LA, Mrs and Mrs Beckham are on a mission to conquer the world. With new BFFs, Tom and Katie Cruise, the Bs and their kids are now fully ensconced as Tinseltown royalty.

Rihanna’s had a rocket-style journey lately. The world seemed to be humming her ‘ella’, she won award after award and became a Cover Girl. All that before she hit 20.


Eva and Tony
A definite shoe-in for wedding of the year. When Eva Longoria said “oui” to Tony Parker, diamond sellers around the world cheered. It was a diamond fest like no other. The Desperate Housewives star’s band was made from 18K white gold with two rows of 80 brilliant-cut diamonds. These were separated by a row of 27 square-cut diamonds, for a total of 107 jewels. Mario Lopez obviously knew how much the couple loves their jewels. Wishing them a happy marriage, he presented the new Mrs. Parker with an 18-carat white-gold bracelet from the Kwiat Solaris Collection. The bracelet, adorned with 102 round diamonds, weighs a whopping 2.03 carats — and is valued at $8,150. Mr. Parker wasn’t forgotten, he unwrapped a 1.27-carat diamond tiepin, also from Kwait.

Baby Boom
It seems Hollywood is all about going ‘mama’. J Lo, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Naomi Watts, and Salma Hayek, were just some stars taking on the most important role of their life this year.


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