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June 10, 2010

Information, shopping tips and expert advice on a variety of diamond necklaces. Learn all there is to know about the designs and styles of diamond necklaces, and find the one that will suit your special loved one.

Diamond NecklaceIf diamonds are a girl’s best friends, then diamond necklaces are real bosom buddies! Whether you’re wearing a choker length necklace, surrounding your neck, a princess length necklace which hangs slightly under your collarbones, or a dramatic opera length necklace hanging over your dress or blouse – you know it’s there to complement you and enhance your smile, and that’s what friends are for, right?

There is something truly majestic about diamonds. Their relative scarcity for one, their grandeur, and their unparalleled beauty make anyone who wears them stand up straight and feel at the top. And since each diamond is unique, just like a snowflake, purchasing diamond necklaces is an exciting, special experience.

A diamond necklace can turn your plain black blouse into chic evening wear, or add a zesty touch to your denim outfit. It can give you a classy or a trendy look, an official or a playful air, a mysterious or a straight forward ambiance. You can take it to any direction you need or want, with the right accessories, but one thing is for sure – you can never look bad with a diamond necklace around your neck.

So take your time and browse around our collection of diamond necklaces. Remember that if you’re shopping for a specific event, you can find matching diamond earrings or bracelets to complement the look. We are more than positive that if you look closely, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry at – A complete guide to diamond jewelry education, diamond jewelry news articles, shopping for diamond jewelry including diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and pendants and diamond bracelets.

Celebrity Necklaces and Diamond Necklaces Trends Salma and Goldie – amfAR’s Diamond Duo

Hollywood heavyweights dazzled in jaw-dropping diamond jewels at the AmFar Cinema Against Aids gala ball. Statement necklaces, earrings and gem-encrusted brooches reigned supreme as the celebrities glammed it up in Dubai.

How to Wear Diamonds and Influence People

Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential party brought out big stars in black and white and diamonds all over.

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