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Jewelry.com is your go-to source for expert information, buying tips and shopping advice helping you find the perfect diamond pendant. With an incredible
range of styles, from clean and classic to edgy and trendy – diamond pendants have a matchless wow-factor that has captured our imagination for thousands of

Diamonds may be forever, but diamond jewelry is definitely for right now-and
nothing says ‘now and wow’ better than a sparkling and affordable diamond
pendant. Once believed to be teardrops of the Gods, worn only by nobility, deals
and amazing bargains are making sure everyone can own some sparkling diamond

Many diamond pendants start at only $100 or less, making this once
unattainable gem a dazzling must-have.

Diamond pendant jewelry’s ravishing brilliance makes it evident why the
ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that had fallen to
earth; the light captured and reflected by a beautiful diamond pendant is truly
unmatchable. To possess a diamond is to possess a piece of history itself; a
diamond is, on average, 3 billion years in age, fully two thirds the age of the

Universally treasured as a symbol of everlasting love and perfection,
diamonds are amongst the most prized substances on earth. Diamond pendants are a
surprisingly affordable, sensational way to showcase the incomparable
brilliance, elegance, durability and mystery of this legendary stone.

All About Diamond Pendants

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Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on choosing the perfect pendant.
From golden charms, diamond hearts, sparkling animals and gemstone beauties –
discover a dazzling array of pendants for every style, occasion and budget.

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on the Leo Diamond Pendant. Find
out all there is to know about the Leo Diamond and find the perfect Leo Diamond
Pendant for you or your loved one.

Diamond Jewelry at Jewelry.com – A complete guide to diamond jewelry education,
diamond jewelry news articles, shopping for diamond jewelry including diamond
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Classic jewels for under $100. Jewelry.com’s guide to the classics at vintage

Jewelry.com: Diamond Colors

Diamonds come in a rainbow of colors, from deep blue to a radiant red – but
natural colored diamonds also come with great price tags. Jewelry.com
investigates the shades of diamonds and their value.

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