Diamonds on the Down Low at Chelsea’s Wedding

Jewelry hounds? Who doesn’t love an over-the-top Liz Taylor-esuqe decadent display of diamonds every now and again, right? It’s what we love to see on the red carpet and at all the gawdy-as-all-get-out celebrity weddings.

But I am here to tell you, that I couldn’t be more pleased with Chelsea Clinton’s decision to do just a ‘splash’ of sparkle for her big day. No tiaras. No diamond dog collars. No swinging from the ‘chandeliers’.

Nope, Ms. Clinton chose teeny tiny diamond flower cluster drop earrings and a sliver of a diamond tennis bracelet with a matching floral motif. I applaud her less-is-more bling approach. ( has a great article today if you want the same styles for your jewelry box)

Loved the Vera Wang choice too, no? You all know I die for de la Renta (the other rumored designer choice and the genius behind Hillary’s Mother-of-the-Bride gown), but the VW never disappoints.

I also loved that she duped us all. No Oprah. No Streisand. No Spielberg. No fireworks. Ted Danson was the biggest star there! The limited pics they made available to the press said it all: it was an event full of love and privacy – despite the star-power of her famous folks. I’m happy that it was truly her day, despite fashion stalkers like me wanting to know every detail.

What do you guys think of her wedding diamonds? Subtle and stylish? Or small and snoresville?

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  1. Janet

    They lucked out that our NY heat wave stopped in time for their big day and I think she looked lovely. I enjoyed Gail Collins’ op ed piece about presidential daughter weddings over the years, especially Amy Carter choosing not to have Jimmy “give her away” because “she doesn’t belong to anyone” — go Amy!

  2. Jewelry Insider

    You have to give it up for Chelsea. She has maintained her class and dignity throughout some, well, not so dignified times. And I agree with you, Liz. I loved the ‘less is more’ choice in jewelry. And the ‘less is more’ approach she takes with the press. Go Amy, indeed!

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