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September 18, 2009

When VH1 resurrected its Divas Live! concert series after a 5-year hiatus, little did they know that a diva who can’t sing a lick would steal the show.

Host Paula Abdul (gasp!) lip synched her way through her tired catalog of hits in the show’s opening number and proceeded to make (kinda lame) American Idol jabs throughout the entire show – including one directed squarely at her replacement, Ellen DeGeneres.

“All kidding aside,” said Abdul, 47. “[I have] nothing but love for Ellen, and I wish you the best of luck and congratulations on your new gig. And call me!” she added. “You gotta call me if you have any Simon problems, ’cause you know, I know him best.”

Yeah, I’m sure she’ll get right on that, Paula.

Anywho, the diamonds did do some drippin’ on the red carpet where the real-life divas came out to play.Toni Braxton brought out the big guns in huge drop earrings and cuffs that cost a small fortune.

American Idol Alums, looked lovely in their red carpet wear and bejeweled accessories.

And even Kathy Griffin looked diva-worthy in a sleak white gown with crystal statement pieces. Bravo!

If you missed the show, be sure to watch some of the classy duets online or on demand.No one can match former divas Whitney, Mariah and Cristina in the pipes department (OK, Jennifer Hudson and Kellie Clarkson can) – but it was nice to hear less ‘warbling’ and more harmony singin’ this time around. In my humble opinion

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