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June 1, 2010

Duo Two Stone Jewelry

According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus, the king of all gods, created the perfect being, a male/female creature that wandered the earth in perfect harmony with all its surroundings. One day, though, Zeus became enraged by the being’s happiness and threw down a lightening bolt splitting the creature in two – one half male, the other female. He then spread the two halves across the world, making it almost impossible for the one half to find the other matching half. From that day onward, the two halves have been searching for their ‘soul mate’.

Very few are ever lucky enough to meet their missing half, but if they do, their two separated halves combine to form more than just one. They become the perfect Duo. Divided souls together again.

Duo diamond jewelry is the ultimate symbol of your bond and relationship with each other.

There’s no greater way to reflect the power of the two of you than through the sparkle and brilliance of two perfectly matching diamonds. From birthdays to anniversaries, Valentine’s to Xmas, – two people – two diamonds – one message – the story of the two of you.

Celebrate the power of two with a piece of stunning diamond jewelry from the Duo Collection.

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