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August 10, 2010’s Guide to Easter Jewelry

Easter means the start of something great. It’s Mother’s Nature’s way of welcoming in a sparkling spring and a stylish summer. Easter jewels are all about carefree color and re-invention. They’re a way of saying – it’s time to renew – it’s time to refresh – it’s time to get your groove back.


Flowers, flowers and more flowers are perfect spring/summer jewels. Daisy bracelets, flower power right hand rings and elegant flower pendants are perfect additions to any spring style.

The colors of sapphires are another great spring sparkle. Did you know that sapphires come in every color except red? (As for red sapphires – they’re known as… Rubies!)

So this spring, spring into style with some flowery gems, sapphire jewels and colorful creations that welcome back our favorite season.

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