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June 1, 2010

Celebrity Weddings

Hollywood Weddings Don’t Skimp on Budget

From one-day marriages to million dollar bashes where the cake outlasts the marriage – takes a look at some celebrity couples whos ‘I Do’s had a strict theme of ‘money’s no object’.

Most celebs spare no expense planning their nuptials, spending enough money in one day to buy the average couple (and their bridal party) new homes, but big budgets don’t necessarily mean a fairy-tale ending. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s fairy tale wedding cost over $1 million, as did Paul McCartney’s and Heather Mills’s wedding. But, if you really want to live it up and aren’t short in the wallet, contact Liza Minnelli to find out the details for planning a $3.4 million bash in the style of the ill-fated Minnelli and Gest union.

But surprisingly, what’s supposedly the most expensive wedding ever wasn’t a celebrity one. Multimillionaire Peter Shalson and wife Pauline spent some $13 million on their ‘I Do’s’. This did though include Elton John crooning to the newlyweds and no doubt quite a few gallons of champers and caviar.

Well, if spare no expense is the bride’s motto (and kitsch is a priority) then the nuptials of the stars will probably be their major source of inspiration.

Let’s get back to Liza and David – the inspiration for so many. Nowadays, with so many trying their hand at the marriage deal at least a couple of times, many couples decide to give their friends a financial break and after the first set of ‘I Do’s’ don’t register for their second wedding. But not Liza and David – for Liza’s fourth wedding the couple registered for 389 gifts from Tiffany & Co., including 12 silver platters and new flatware and crystal.

In between playing ‘spot the star’, guests at the shindig were treated to a five-hour concert of some 50 performances by the duo’s intimate circle of friends, satin candy boxes inscribed with “Liza and David 4 Ever” (too obvious to comment on), endless champagne, lobster in all forms and a 12-tier wedding cake. (Oh for crying out loud I’ve refrained too long – yup, the cake outlasted the marriage). Enough picking on Liza and David – theirs was by no means the shortest celebrity marriage.

In fact, it was a relatively long one compared to some other star unions: Zsa Zsa Gabor and eighth husband Felipe de Alba: 1 day. Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander: 2 days. Michelle Phillips and Dennis Hopper: 8 days. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra: 9 days. Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley: 3 months.

If you’re a celeb turned jewelry designer, then getting married is a great way to give your line some extra exposure. Jill Whelan (Julie from The Love Boat) married, of course, on boat. For those that couldn’t make the wedding, they could tune in via a live webcast. For the jewelry, the celeb-designer was bedecked with her own brand of rings and pendants, “The Bon Voyage Collection: Resort Wear Jewelry for The Seasoned Traveler”, (catchy title), with her wedding ring provided by Jewelry Television, the television channel which carries her line of jewelry.

For the Zeta-Jones – Douglas bash, the Welsh actress told the media she wanted “a simple, down-home affair.” If a $1.5 million wedding at The Plaza in New York is your idea of “a simple, down-home affair,” then that’s what she got. The lady from The Mumbles flew in a 40-member Welsh choir, 20,000 cream-colored roses, not forgetting her family and friends from Wales.

Finally, for some strange reason we think celebrities know what they’re doing when they plan the big day. But as the following 5 rules point out, no matter how rich, famous or beautiful you are it doesn’t guarantee you won’t make some major mistakes (and we not just talking about their choice of a spouse).

1. Will someone please tell all brides that crash diets aren’t necessarily vital to a wedding. Just take Russell Crowe’s wife, Danielle Spencer, who lost so much weight that guests were betting whether she’d make it through the ceremony.

2. Back to good ole’ Liza and David. Major rule here… Don’t dress your bridesmaids in black and when choosing outfits, bear in mind their figures and ages. It doesn’t make for attractive wedding photos. (And if we can slip an extra one in here… the wedding kiss should be a quick peck, no-one wants to witness your new plastic-faced husband receiving graphic tongue sandwiches).

3. Unless you’re documenting the great churches of Italy as your honeymoon video, believe us, no-one wants to see it. Pamela and Tommy Lee, next time you get married, keep the honeymoon shots to yourself.

4. You want to make an entrance, fair enough but we don’t recommend gilded slaves carry you in on a table, especially if you’re the size of Celine Dion’s husband, Rene.

5. The only people who should have thrones at the weddings are those who come with a kingdom as part of their pre-nup. Someone should have told David Beckham and Posh Spice that contrary to tabloid headlines they are NOT, the U.K.s royal couple and purple thrones don’t add a touch of elegance.

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