Unique Proposal Ideas

Some interesting ways to pop the question. If you’re about to pop the question – then you may want to consider a few unique ways to make sure this question is one she’ll never forget.

If for one split second you think the ‘proposal’ is just a question then shame on you. Asking someone if they’ll spend the rest of their life with you should be the most important question of your life. It’s not a question that should be asked with the same weight as ‘pizza or chicken tonight?’.

If you haven’t popped the question yet then please, for the sake of future dinner party stories, spend some time and read the following. Make sure your proposal is going to hold up under the scrutiny we can guarantee it will face in the future.

Public Vs Private? This all depends on the type you BOTH are. If she’s shy or somewhat introverted the billboard at Times Square may not be the best idea.


  • On a beach
  • During a romantic candlit dinner outside
  • At the place you first met
  • In the the restaurant you had your first date


  • If you’re brave – then any family gathering
  • The scoreboard of a sporting event
  • Hiring a billboard

When to propose is dilemma. Whatever you do, no matter how much planning has gone into the proposal just make sure you ask BEFORE you open the bottle to celebrate.

  • Valentines Day (if you’re into the obvious)
  • The anniversary of a first date or introduction
  • Her birthday


The fortune cookie proposal. Place a piece of paper asking your intended “Will you marry me?” inside a fortune cookie. Take her out to dinner at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Arrange for the waiter to present the special cookie to your sweetheart after the meal. Imagine her surprise when
she cracks open the cookie and reads her “fortune!”

The treasure hunt proposal. Create a map that will lead your girlfriend to the ultimate prize — an engagement ring from you! Give the map to her with instructions to follow the clues and meet you at the final destination. Lead her on a scavenger hunt through favorite places that have been special in your relationship together — the restaurant where you had your first date, a park where you had your first kiss, etc. At each point, plant clues that will lead her to the next destination. (You may want to inform others who work there to ensure none of your clues are lost or tampered with — you can even involve a restaurant hostess, movie theater worker, etc., by having them personally
deliver the next clue to your intended). Make sure the final spot is one that is very special to her. When she arrives, present her with the “treasure” — your ring in the box — and ask her to marry you.

The “hide the ring” proposal. The options for this strategy are endless; in fact, they are only limited by the extent of your own ingenuity. Some classic examples would include: hollowing out a special book of love poems and securing the ring inside for your girlfriend to find; attaching the ring
around the neck of her favorite teddy bear; placing the ring inside a champagne glass and having the waiter present it to her; burying the ring inside a bouquet of roses to be delivered to your loved one, and so on.

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