Gold Education: All About Gold

GoldĀ has been one of mankind’s most revered substances since the beginning of time.

Gold Education

The legends and myths surrounding gold are legendary and for many ancient civilizations, only the most powerful were permitted to bathe in gold’s stunning rays. The pharaohs wore multiple gold necklaces and gold bracelets. In India, royal families would layer on gold earrings, gold pendants and gold bangles and in Europe, gold rings set with diamonds and precious gems were the aristocrats’ accessories of choice.

Today though, the glamour and beauty of gold, while remaining as desirable as ever, are far more democratic. Pure gold is known as 24K gold, but most jewelry is made from either 18K gold, 14K gold or 10K gold. While yellow gold is still probably the most popular color of gold, by mixing gold with other alloys, jewelers can create stunning golden shades. White gold, pink gold, rose gold, orange gold and even green gold are just some of the many colors of gold. Whether you’re looking for an 18K gold necklace, a 14K gold ring, 10K gold earrings or simply gold jewelry set with diamonds and gems, one thing you can be sure of is that all that is gold really does glitter.

Gold Education

Gold History and Lore
Different Alloys and Colors Available
Explaining the Difference in Gold Karatages
Care of Gold Jewelry

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