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May 10, 2010

A simple strand of pearls is not the only way to wear these stones in style. gives you expert advice and information on pearls, whether they’re white, pink or black, and how you can wear them in style.

When I grew up I was taught that every well-brought up young lady should wear a strand of pearls during the day and two strands of pearls in the evening. Tweed skirts, Alice bands in the hair, Penny Loafers and a simple strand of pearls was the unspoken rule of uniform.

Thankfully that ain’t so any more. Times have changed. Alice bands died along with Mia Farrow’s marriage to Woody Allen and pearl jewelry has evolved into a category crossing all borders, day and night, conservative to contemporary, from simple to awe-inspiring ostentation. A pearl today is what you make of it and designers are making a lot of it.

If you ask most people to describe a pearl they’ll immediately envision a small round white pea-sized piece with an iridescent covering, probably not too expensive and worn by bridesmaids sulking up the aisle in a teal-colored dress. If that’s the case they obviously haven’t opened a fashion magazine or been into a jewelry store since J.R. Ewing was shot. From discount stores to the
ultra-chic and ultra-expensive boutiques, pearls are becoming the perfect accessory for perfectly anyone.

Pearls by the yard, an explosion of colors and asymmetric patterns, diamond accents and a multitude of metals – a new generation is finding that pearls are far more than a simple strand to be worn with Penny Loafers. They’re colorful, they’re fresh, and they’re mixed and matched with jeans to haute-couture evening dresses. Coco Chanel’s favorite accessory is once again strutting the catwalks.

From pastel pinks to golden brown, chocolate and caramel to saffron and black, pearls are certainly not just every shade of white.

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