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May 10, 2010

Make your platinum jewelry sparkle, shine and last a lifetime with’s important tips for caring for your platinum jewelry.

Although platinum is the strongest and purest of jewelry metals, it still must be cared for and maintained like any other. Here are some tips to keep your platinum jewelry clean, safe and beautiful:

1. Do not wear platinum jewelry when performing strenuous work or handling harsh chemicals.

2. Check prongs, clasps and other components periodically for any weakness or damage.

3. To clean, use jewelry cleaner or warm, soapy water. Use a sift toothbrush to remove dirt.

4. When storing platinum, wrap pieces individually with a soft cloth to avoid scratching and tangling, or place in a fabric-lined jewelry box with compartments.

5. Get your platinum jewelry professionally examined and cleaned by a jeweler at least once a year.

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