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May 10, 2010

Determining Platinum Quality

Unlock the secrets behind platinum jewelry quality markings. From 90% pure platinum jewelry to 99% pure platinum jewelry, learn how to read your platinum jewelry markings
like an expert.

Platinum’s high purity level (90-95% pure in the United States) makes it stronger and denser than other white jewelry metals (white gold and silver). These qualities, along with the fact that it is the rarest jewelry metal, also makes it more costly than gold.

Unlike gold, platinum is expressed in parts per thousand. Therefore, platinum that is 99% pure is 999 parts platinum and one part other metals. There are several common quality marks that are stamped on the three main alloys of platinum used in jewelry: 99% platinum, 95% platinum and 90% platinum.

For 99% platinum, the most common quality marks are “Platinum,” “Plat,” or “Pt 999.”

For 95% platinum, the most common quality marks are “Platinum,” “Pt,” “950 Pt,” “Pt 950,” and “950 Plat”

For 90% platinum, the most common quality marks are “Pt 900,” “900 Pt,” and “900 Plat.”

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