Silver Education: All About Silver

Silver was once considered more precious than gold but today this metal is considered the most affordable of all precious metals.

Silver Education

Sterling silver jewelry is not only stunning – it’s also one of the most budget-friendly categories in the fine jewelry market. Artisanal silver jewels to high-end diamond and gem set statement pieces, silver jewelry spans the spectrum of affordable glamour.

After a period of time, sterling silver jewelry often develops a unique patina, a glow that features darkened areas. This often lends an air of ‘personalization’ to each piece, as no patina is identical. But, a quick clean with silver polish will remove this patina and the piece will shine as brightly as the day you bought it. Similar to gold, silver in its purest form is soft and delicate. The silver found in fine jewelry though is combined with another metal alloy, such as copper, to increase its strength. Sterling silver indicates that the metal is at least 92.5% pure silver.

Silver Education

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