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June 1, 2011

Watches come in all shapes and sizes. Learn how to choose the best watch for your wardrobe and which watch style – from sensibly casual to stylishly chic – best fits each timely occasion.


Finding the perfect watch isn’t that difficult. If you can’t decide remember etiquette calls for a ‘minimum’ of five watches for the average wardrobe.

– Casual Daywear
– Smart Daywear
– Sports
– Casual Eveningwear
– Smart Eveningwear

Today watches are far from pure utilitarian keepers of time – in many instances they’re technological wonder-recipes encased in an exquisite body. Whether it’s contemporary stylings, classic designs, retro, hip-hop, he/she or it pieces, these wrist ornaments say more about us than any other item we wear.

One of the most important things to bear in mind when shopping for a watch is quite simply – how does it feel on? Make sure the watch strap doesn’t pinch your skin too tightly and can be adjusted to fit your wrist’s diameter easily. Remember your wrist size may expand or decrease as time goes by, so always make sure the band can be adjusted. Shake your arm from side to side and see if it
pivots around your wrist. If it does, it’s too loose. Also make sure sudden movements won’t result in the watch sliding up your arm.

Casual Daywear

A casual watch is more about function and comfort and less about making a style statement. An everyday watch needs to be sturdy, but not bulky. Go with narrow bands and smaller dials to minimize intrusion. It’s important to make sure you have a sealed watch to keep sweat and everyday moisture from seeping into your timepiece. Black or silver on white dial colors is also a good idea to keep colors fairly neutral.

Smart Daywear

For important meetings, special occasions and those events that you do want to make a strong impression, nothing says ‘this is my style’ better than the watch you’re wearing. Time is money so a good rule of thumb is to look for a watch with a second hand and clear markers. If you travel regularly, you should consider a watch with multiple time zones. Large faces and unique bands are
great ways to add a dash of elegance without going overboard on the ‘glam’ factor.


Diving, hiking, camping and other sports take their toll on a watch, so for sports watches utility far overides looks on the watch buying stakes. Titanium cases and scratch-resistant dial covers are a must if you’re looking for watch that will most likely go through a few bouts of activity . It’s also a good idea to choose watches with high-contrast dials and large faces so you can read the
time at a quick glance.

Casual Evening-wear

Casual Evening-wear means a mix of style and performance ? both on equal footing. Go with versatility and choose a stainless steel casing and band to minimize the chance of clashing with your wardrobe. It’s hard to find a chronograph that works as a dress watch so, unless you really need it to act as a stopwatch, you should skip that feature.

Smart Eveningwear

Now if you’re yearning for diamonds, gold and gemstones, this is the group for you. Smart eveningwear is all about the look. Features such as alarms, calendar functions and stopwatches are redundant. This is all about the ‘glam’ effect. Gold bands, crocodile straps and liberal sprinklings of gems are de rigueur. Saying that, always make sure though the watch is waterproof. No matter how beautiful it is, if it stops working the minute of glass of water is spilt, you’ll be left with a broken, but beautiful timepiece. And that, we don’t recommend.

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