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June 1, 2010

Love the Look: Emerald and Diamond Jewelry

Emerald and diamond jewelry are way up on the list of classical and timeless jewelry – a fact that makes them eternally fashionable. The unique color of the brilliant green gemstone combined with the sparkle of diamonds will never go unnoticed, so when it comes to purchasing an emerald and diamond jewelry, success is a sure thing.

Emerald and diamond jewelry are a classic pairing that has been around for centuries. Myths and legends surround the brilliance of both stones- diamonds were once believed to be splinters of stars that had fallen to earth, and the ancients prized the emerald as the symbol of love, rebirth and eternal youth. Because the rich green color of emerald that reminds us of spring, it has been treasured for at least the past 4,000 years by different cultures all around the world.

So browse our large collection of emerald and diamond jewelry to find the one that fits your fantasies – the most luxurious and elegant, unique and distinct, dazzling and stylish – until you discover the one that you simply have to have!

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