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May 15, 2009

All about Emerald Necklaces

A favorite of ancient monarchs and modern movie stars alike, emerald necklaces’ verdant beauty has been dropping jaws and quickening pulses throughout the ages.

One glance at a stunning emerald necklace confirms why the emerald has been
prized for centuries- the intensity of its green hues glows with all the
vitality of a new leaf reaching for the sun. By no coincidence, emerald’s rich
green hue has long served as a symbol of life, rebirth, growth and spring. The
ancients ascribed numerous magical and mystical properties to this most precious
of green gems, a favorite of Cleopatra’s. Sanskrit texts claimed that emerald’s
rich green tones balanced the heart chakra, or spiritual center, strengthening
love and promoting clarity and calm. In ancient Rome, emeralds were believed to
have a soothing effect on the soul. Modern scientists have since shown these
beliefs to have some basis in fact; tests indicate that the human eye is more
sensitive to green than any other color.

Emerald necklaces have long been prized as incomparable dazzlers and lusted
after for millennia. When Rome dictated its terms of surrender to Cleopatra, she
was ordered to hand over her jewelry- a collection that no doubt included a
stunning emerald necklace or two! Priceless emerald necklaces are the piece de
resistance of many famous jewelry collections, including those of Queen
Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlene Dietrich. Available in a range of
styles- from simple and elegant to modern and bold- emerald necklaces are a
never-fail, flawless addition to any ensemble!

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