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June 10, 2010

Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on dazzling emerald rings. Find out all there is to know about sparkling emerald rings and find the perfect emerald ring style for you or your loved one.

Emerald RingWhen looking at emeralds, the general rule is: the darker the color, the more valuable the stone – although clarity and cut are also very significant variables when determining an emerald’s value. Emeralds are one of the most included precious stones, and the fact that a high percentage of the rough stone is cut away to create the gemstone accounts for their price. The emerald’s ideal cut would be a symmetrical cut with uniform facets, allowing for maximum color and brilliance to be seen. Emerald rings are way up on the list of classical, timeless rings – a fact that makes them eternally fashionable. The unique color and sparkle of that brilliant green gemstone will never go unnoticed, so when it comes to purchasing an emerald ring, success is a sure thing. Whether you’re looking for an emerald ring you yourself can make a statement with, a unique engagement ring for your beloved, a customary gift for a couple’s fifty fifth anniversary, or even just a stylish gift for a dear friend – woman or man – here you’ll find exactly the ring you’re looking for, at exactly the right price for you. So browse our large collection of emerald rings to find the one which fits your fantasies – the most luxurious and elegant, unique and distinct, dazzling and stylish – until you discover the one that you simply have to have!

Learn about Emerald Rings Emerald Jewelry Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on Emerald Jewelry. Find out all there is to know about Emeralds and find the perfect emerald jewelry for you.

Celebrity Rings and Emerald Ring Trends

Jewelry Fashion at the Oscars A jewelry review of the 2009 Academy Awards. Alternative Engagement Rings Alternative engagements rings are taking the jewelry world by storm. Diamonds may still be the big ‘woman’ on campus, but colored gemstones and alternative jewelry choices are making a strong showing on ring fingers everywhere. Are You Going Green? Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Teese and Eva Mendes are just some of the celebrities going green down the red-carpet. Find out why green is glamorous, gorgeous and the must-have jewelry color for a stunning summer. Bridal Tips: Engagement Rings: The Latest Trends A single diamond solitaire maybe the classic diamond engagement ring style – but today there’s more than just a ‘solitary’ style when it comes to bridal rings. Find out the trends, the styles and the settings that are topping the trends for modern brides worldwide. Emerald Jewelry Angelina Jolie wears stunning emerald jewelry to the 81st Academy Awards. Bridal Tips: Celebrities’ Engagement Rings What are the engagment rings of choice for the rich and the famous?’s guide to celebrity engagement rings is journey into some blinding bling. Celebrity Rings Mariah Carey’s engagement ring shone in the spotlight as the super-star showed off her multi-million dollar jewel.

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