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May 10, 2010

Fine jewelry is typically made with precious materials such as gold, diamonds, and pearls. It is distinct from fashion jewelry, which tends to be made from inexpensive, commonplace materials such as brass.

Fine JewelryIn recent years, however, innovative designers have begun to treat materials once considered inappropriate for fine jewelry – titanium or steel, for example – with the same respect they give to platinum and gold, suggesting that the definition of fine jewelry is undergoing a revision.

Sold in specialty retail stores, including chain stores, department stores, big box clubs and independent jewelers, fine jewelry covers a vast range of jewels. It can refer to bridal jewelry, such as engagement rings and wedding bands, or it can refer to jewelry made by designers with a unique artistic vision.

Fine jewelry often costs quite a bit more than costume jewelry, but not always. Designers have begun offering more affordable versions of existing pieces by, for example, using silver rather than white gold, bringing prices down but still allowing them to market their pieces as fine jewelry.

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