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February 3, 2009

Gold Earrings Jewelry

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Gold Earrings JewelryThe
ancient Egyptians considered gold to be a perfect metal and the stories and
myths down through the ages surrounding gold earrings are legendary. Ears were
probably first pierced and adorned with gold earrings for magical purposes as
many primitive tribes believed that demons could enter the body through the ear
and because demons and spirits are supposed to be repelled by gold, ear-piercing
was protection from possession. As the Roman Republic grew with wealth and
luxury, earrings were more popular among men than women. No less a “he-man” than
Julius Caesar brought back to fashion the use of gold earrings in the ears of
men. Sailors used to have an ear pierced with a gold earring to improve eyesight
(and if their bodies washed up somewhere it would pay for a Christian burial.)
During the Elizabethan era, many famous men such as Shakespeare, Sir Walter
Raleigh and Francis Drake wore gold earrings.

Today ear piercing is an almost universal practice for men and women in one
form or another in many countries across the globe. In the fashion industry this
season, gold hoop earrings (aka: the little black dress of the jewelry world,)
are making a big splash on celebrities and fashionistas alike. Whether it’s
something to compliment an evening gown or casual wear, classic gold hoop
earrings have always been a fashion staple, and while the style is great for
anything from a board meeting to a night out, there is a stunning array of
earring styles to choose from. Simple gold stud earrings are an elegant addition
to your ensemble, regardless of the color palette. Dangling gold earrings or a
fashionable pair of drop gold earrings lend sparkle to your face when framed
with the right gold necklace.

Pure gold, known as 24k gold, is too soft for the creation of any durable
jewelry, so most gold earrings are, 18K earrings, 14K earrings or 10K gold
earrings. When accessorizing for work or play, selecting the correct gold
earrings for your ears is basic to proper adornment. Remember, gold earrings
sparkle with glamour no matter their karat weight so those of us on a budget
(and these days who isn’t) can add to our gold earring collection by finding
just the right 10K or 14K gold earrings at the right price from your favorite

Whether it was a formal red-carpet affair like the Academy Awards or the
casual chic of a night out with the girls (or boys), statement-making gold
earrings have emerged as ‘the’ jewelry trend to watch out for.

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