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June 10, 2010 is your source for gold jewelry information. From gold jewelry styles and trends to gold’s glittering history and lore, learn all you need to know to grab some gold jewelry for your own treasure chest.

Gold Jewelry

Gold, the world’s favorite precious metal makes gold jewelry, the world’s favorite jewelry setting. Gold jewelry styles are romantic, elegant, dazzling and sophisticated. Diamonds set in gold rings, emerald, sapphire and rubies dangle with sophistication from gorgeous gold earrings and gold necklaces and pendants glitter with glamour.’s experts take you into their golden world and explain the differences in gold karatage, the colors of gold and the history and myths behind so many golden jewels.

Pure gold is known as 24k gold, but most jewelry is made from either 18k gold, 14k gold or 10k gold. While yellow gold is still probably the most popular color of gold, by mixing gold with other alloys, jewelers can create stunning golden shades. White gold, pink gold, rose gold, orange gold and even green gold are just some of the many colors of gold.

Whether you’re looking for an 18k gold necklace, a 14k gold ring, 10k gold earrings or simply gold jewelry set with diamonds and gems, one thing you can be sure of is that all that is gold really does glitter.

Gold Jewelry and Education Articles

All About Gold is your source for gold jewelry information. From the origins of the precious metal to stunning necklace, earring and bracelet styles, expand your mind and your jewelry box with our golden education section.

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An anthropologist in Peru has found a gold necklace that dates back 4,000 years. Is it the world’s oldest golden jewel?

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Gold Jewelry Celebrity and Fashion Articles

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Gold jewelry takes over Hollywood as celebrities discover the Midas touch is alive and well – from yellow gold pendants to golden hoops and cuffs.

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