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December 10, 2009

Gold Pendants- A Jewelry Box Staple is your go-to source for expert information, buying tips and shopping advice helping you find the perfect gold pendant for any occasion. A favorite of celebrities, gold pendants range in style from sophisticated classics to bold and funky statement pieces. No matter what your style, gold pendants and necklaces are a must-have for trendsetters the world over! Gold pendants and necklaces are truly “classic” dazzlers – gold has been one of mankind’s most treasured substances for over 4,000 years. In many ancient civilizations, only the most powerful were permitted to bathe in gold’s stunning rays- the ancient Egyptians reserved its use for pharaohs only, Indian royal families would layer on gold earrings, gold pendants and gold bangles, and medieval European monarchs wore golden crowns to symbolize their divine right to rule. Gold pendants and necklaces are stunning tributes to the longevity of a trend that’s been revered for millennia- from Tutankhamen’s jewels to modern celebrities’ white gold pendant mania! Gold is incredibly malleable, allowing goldsmiths to create gold pendant jewelry in a wide range of styles- ensuring every woman can find a gold pendant to express her unique personality! Whether you’re looking for a sweet classic or a funky modern piece, gold pendants maintain a timeless appeal that will charm for years.

Learn about Gold Pendants

GoldĀ Pendants Expert Advice, Information and Shopping Tips on choosing the perfect pendant. From golden charms, diamond hearts, sparkling animals and gemstone beauties – discover a dazzling array of pendants for every style, occasion and budget. Gold Jewelry is your source for gold jewelry information. From gold jewelry styles and trends to gold’s glittering history and lore, learn all you need to know to add glittering gold to your jewelry box. Gold Education: All About Gold is your source for gold jewelry information. From the origins of the precious metal to stunning necklace, earring and bracelet styles, expand your mind and your jewelry box with our golden education section. The Many Colors of Gold Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, green gold – learn about the color wheel of gold jewelry options for your treasure chest.

Gold Pendants- Celebrity and Catwalk Trends

Gold Shines on Stars of the Silver Screen Movie stars light up the red carpet with gold, gold and more gold. The Pendant Necklace – A Summer Jewelry Trend for Everyone! Summer sparkle is all about a personal statement. Layered pendants with shells, beads and golden tassels – they’re all medallion musts. Fashion’s Gold Rush Gold – from gold jewelry to golden fabrics – graces the catwalks for summer. It’s going to be a chunky, bold and gorgeously golden summer. Break From the Chains That Bind You! Gold chains are wrapping are their way around the necks and wrists of the trendy and talented. takes a look at this summer’s craze of layer upon layer of gorgeous gold.

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