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May 22, 2008

If you haven’t got the green message yet – then let me reiterate – GO GREEN. Being green isn’t just about recycling or changing the lightbulbs. It’s not only hybrid cars or eco-friendly products – its far more simplier….. It’s simply about having some respect for what’s outside.

I certainly am not a green preacher. I admit, not all my lightbulbs are the ‘green’ friendly type. I try to recycle but fall short most of the time and sometimes the price of organic drives me back to the chemically altered mutant veggies. Going green is a process for most of us – its just one step at a time.
The green message though it filtering through into so many aspects of life. I mean, take a look at what people are wearing. It’s not only natural fibers, but natural colors such as white and beige and of course green, green, green.
Jewelry-wise most people think just of an emerald as a green gem. (Color-wise not eco-wise). But there are so many more; green sapphires, topaz, green diamonds, green amethyst, tzavorite, periodot and on and on.
So wear some green and take a step – you never know where it may lead.
Emerald Pendant by for JC Penney for $359.

Peridot ring by for an amazing $159

Emerald Flower Set for just $105 (limited time only)

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