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January 21, 2009

Green Is A Go!- Green Quartz

Green quartz jewelry is being snatched up by fashionistas everywhere- and
it’s not hard to see why! Glowing with verdant beauty, green quartz jewelry is
uniquely affordable and versatile, adding matchless sparkle to any style.
Ranging in color from lime to sage-green, green quartz jewelry has a unique
depth of tone and radiance that lights up any room. Whether showcased in a
stunning green quartz ring, a pair of forest-green quartz earrings, or a glowing
green quartz pendant, green quartz jewelry is a great way to get scads of green
glamour- without spending a lot of that other green!

Green has long been regarded as a ‘healing’ color- connecting us to the world
while magnifying our inner awareness. Sankskrit lore describes green as the
color of the heart chakra- the energy which encourages us to love and show
compassion. Green quartz jewelry is thought to attract love and encourage
creativity, turning negative thoughts into positive

Affordable and ranging in style from the bold to the demure, green quartz
jewelry showcases some of nature’s most stunning gifts. Green quartz’s
unmatchable reflectivity and vibrant verdant beauty is equally dazzling in funky
modern pieces or sweet classic styles- with such a dizzying array of gorgeous
green quartz jewelry to choose from, isn’t it time you started seeing green?

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