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June 8, 2011

Glamour, Defined- Harry Winston Jewelry

“Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!”, shouted Marilyn Monroe in ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’- and with good reason. Jeweler to movie stars and royalty alike, Harry Winston has owned and sold some of the most
famous gems in the world- legendary stones that have adorned the necks of kings and queens alike. Harry Winston jewelry is universally recognized to be some of
the most luxurious, beautiful, and buzzed-about finery in the world.

The child of Ukrainian immigrants, Harry Winston started working in his
father’s jewelry store as a young child, where he developed a precocious eye- at
twelve years old, he reportedly recognized a 2-carat emerald in a pawn shop,
bought it for 25 cents, and re-sold it for 800 dollars. This unerring talent for
spotting the rare and beautiful led him to create a jewelry empire; Harry
Winston has, at one time or another, owned the Hope Diamond, the Crown of
Charlemagne, the Blue Heart, and a plethora of other jaw-dropping pieces.
Winston often re-cut and re-fashioned these jewels to increase their value,
making him one of the most successful jewel merchants of all time. Harry Winston
jewelry is coveted and cooed over by stars and royalty alike- if you’re lucky
enough to get your hands on a Harry Winston piece, don’t let go! These timeless
dazzlers are worth their weight in beauty and lore.

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