Hot Trend: Teething Jewelry

New moms, like myself, have reluctantly retired our everyday jewelry box items for a spell until our little ones are no longer apt to drool on the diamonds (or yank them from our necks, as the case may be). But mommy bloggers-turned-entrepreneurs are buzzing about a new jewelry trend that will bring the bling back to our post-baby lives – teething jewelry!

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Made from stuff that includes letters moms like to see (FDA-approved, BPA-free), teething jewelry replaces your colored gemstones with colorful silicone made into necklace, bracelet and key chain styles.

My favorite hails from Smart Mom Jewelry – a donut-shaped pendant that comes in every color of the rainbow (I’m partial to trendy turquoise for spring – especially with the $19.10 price tag). The ‘smart moms’ who started this company have a patent pending for the miracle gems and even have a cadre of celebs convinced – from Angela Basset to uber-mom, Tori Spelling.

According to a recent ABC News report, there are many other hot teething jewelry sites on the rise, including:

Sonny and Reed:

Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewelry:

Oh Plah!:

I smell a Mother’s Day gift idea…

What do you guys think? Would you wear teething jewelry while your babes cut their cuspids? Or do you think it only encourages the little tykes to snarf on the real deal? Weigh in!

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  1. Tompkins Square

    Two moms at a recent Brooklyn barbecue were wearing colorful necklaces that their new babies played with, which reminded me of the famous black and white photo of Caroline or John John sucking on Jackie O’s pearls. Whether the gems are real or made of snazzy silicone, the image is a playful and timeless symbol of the mother/child bond. Nice post!

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