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January 16, 2009

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted on the red carpet recently without her wedding ring, which in normal circles means there’s trouble in paradise. It was MIA for both the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button AND last weekend’s Golden Globes.

Her explanation to In Touch Weekly?

“Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced.”

“That’s crazy! It just didn’t go with the dress.”

Yeah. Right.

While most women take their rings off from time to time, say, if there is a floor to scour or a violent game of tennis on the calendar, I have rarely heard the excuse that “my 8.5 carat Neil Lane shocker doesn’t go with my evening gown.” Especially if the dress is that abhorrent jewelry-clashing color….gold! Or that hard to accessorize hue, white, as The New York Daily News points out.

A mutual pal of the married couple of four years told US Weekly, “They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose. Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

Which begs the question: Is the twosome toying with us to drum up publicity? Let’s face it. Their creative collaborations haven’t resulted in the critical success J-Lo’s solo offerings enjoyed. And they just renewed their vows in October and birthed twins – two signs of a healthy relationship in normal circles.

Whatever the reason, Mami, wedding rings, no matter who you are, are not to be worn as a fashion accessory. They are the permanent reminder that you’re hitched, off the market, with ball and chain, however you want to put it, and taking them off because they don’t go with a ball gown is kindof spitting in the face of the whole operation if you ask me.

What do you guys think? Am I being too closed minded about this issue? Is it OK to take your rings off from time to time if they don’t go with an outfit? Or if you’re pissed at your B-list husband for ruining your career?

Weigh in!

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  1. Anonymous

    excuse me! I have a few wedding rings; including hand hammered pure gold wedding bands as well as a platinum and diamond number. No matter how I am dressed; one of them will go with what I am wearing. J-Lo’s hubby sure can afford to give her a couple of gold bands; one in 24k one in rose gold etc. Sorry it does not go with my dress is NO EXCUSE.

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